ARISTO HIAPER Gulfstream GV Pod Test

A long-term goal of the ACOM observational groups has been to utilize the wing mounted pod on the NCAR Gulfstream GV for chemistry measurements.  This would include both a suite of standard atmospheric chemistry instruments (nitrogen, ozone, CO2), and a CIMS or time of flight spectrometer that could be installed in the wing mounted pod.  Currently, a single wing mounted pod is used for the HIAPER cloud radar, with the other pod flown as ballast.  The Engineering Support Group worked with Frank Flocke to develop a test of inlet and exhaust topologies, a thermal test for in/out flow through the existing NACA ducts and rear facing scoop, and a test of structure, plumbing, and instrumentation for inlet flow measurement.  An inlet topology was developed and installed in the nose cone of the pod, and the exhaust of the inlet exited through a custom exhaust port mounted in an access panel on the pod.  Flow velocity and turbulence were measured at different locations along the flow path.  The thermal test used NACA ducts on the right side of the pod, with heaters and a finned heat sink used to estimate potential heat transfer from a finned surface in NACA duct flow.  The pod inlet test was flown during the 2017 Airborne Research Instrumentation Testing Opportunity (ARISTO) test flight program.

ARISTO HIAPER Gulfstream GV Pod Test



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