eduroam wireless network


eduroam is a wi-fi network developed for the research and education community.  At our institution, it is offered as an SSID to which you can connect if your device or laptop computer has been configured for eduroam access by an ACOM system administrator.

We can configure a device for any UCAR staff member or scientist emeritus for eduroam access.  This involves installing a network security certficiate on the device which then allows it to connect to our "eduroam" wireless SSID, or to similar eduroam-enabled wireless networks at participating institutions.  Once configured for eduroam, the device will be able to connect at any time to our eduroam-enabled wi-fi guest network until that certificate expires.  If you get an expiration warning when attempting to connect, let your sysadmin know, and the device can be issued a new certificate.  Certificates are usually good for 1 year from the time of being issued.

If you already have an eduroam-enabled device

Just select the SSID "EDUROAM".  This SSID will be available at any of the NCAR sites.  It is a guest network which means that it is considered external to the UCAR network. 

If you are a UCAR employee traveling to a participating institution, the instructions for accessing an eduroam-enabled wireless guest network will vary depending on the institution.  Check with your colleagues at that institution to see how best to connect your laptop or device.

If you are a UCAR employee or long-term visitor and need to have a device enabled for eduroam

arrange with your System Administrator to have the device enabled.  Once the System Administrator has approved the device for the eduroam network, setting it up will require that the System Administrator acquire and install the necessary network security certificate.   This may involve the system administrator taking the device for a period of time along with any login credentials you may have on the device.  Certain operating systems are not yet ready for eduroam (Windows 8 in particular has proven challenging).  But eduroam certificates should be able to be installed on these types of devices:

  • Windows 10
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Android 




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