Workshop on dynamics, transport and chemistry of the UTLS Asian monsoon 2016

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The upper troposphere-lower stratosphere (UTLS) of the Asian monsoon region is characterized by a continental-scale anticyclonic circulation, which is dynamically active and coupled to monsoonal convection. The UTLS anticyclone exhibits anomalous chemical and aerosol characteristics, linked to the outflow of deep convection and the large-scale circulation.  While the large-scale climatological behavior is known, much remains to be understood concerning dynamical and chemical coupling with convection, three-dimensional transport pathways from the surface to the stratosphere, microphysics and the tropopause aerosol layer, coupling of large- and small-scales, and composition/reactive chemistry in the monsoon region.  This workshop will focus on dynamics, transport and chemistry in the monsoon region, including synthesis of observations from satellites, aircraft and balloons, and modeling from regional to global scales.  We are aiming for a relatively small and highly interactive workshop, especially including scientists who are actively engaged in UTLS monsoon research. A particular motivation for the workshop at this point in time is a variety of upcoming experimental activities in the Asian monsoon region in the near future.

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The meeting will be limited to ~50 people because of limitations on room size. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • William Randel
  • Laura Pan
  • Rolf Muller
  • Michelle Santee
  • Jianchun Bian
  • Chiara Cagnazzo

This workshop is sponsored by SPARC as a part of the ACAM activity.


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