Plots of Satellite CO, Fire Emissions and Chemical Forecasts

On our Forecast Plots website:

  • Plots of near-real-time retrievals of CO from MOPITT
  • Plots of near-real-time retrievals of CO columns from IASI on METOP-A and METOP-B
  • Fire emissions from FINN (Fire Inventory from NCAR) using MODIS Rapid Response fire counts
  • Specialized chemical forecasts for field campaigns (e.g., KORUS-AQ)
  • Routine global chemical forecasts from MOZART-4


MOZART-4 Chemical Forecasts

Chemical forecasts are run each day using MOZART-4, driven by GEOS-5 meteorology and including the standard (100 species) chemical mechanism (Emmons et al., GMD, 2010).  Fire emissions are updated with daily estimates from the Fire INventory of NCAR (FINN) (Wiedinmyer et al., GMD, 2011), based on MODIS Rapid Response Active Fire Data. The GEOS-5 meteorology forecasts have been provided by the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center through the online data portal in the NASA Center for Climate Simulation. Click to access the current GEOS-5 production status.

MOZART-4 simulations (up to about a week ago) are available for downloading, with options for subsetting on the WRF-Chem MOZART download webpage.  

If you would like access to the output files of the chemical forecasts please contact Louisa Emmons (emmons (at) ucar . edu).

MOZART forecasts are currently being used as boundary conditions for regional forecasts:




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