Bangkok 2015 Posters

Poster size: 84 cm wide x 118 cm high
Two types of hanger/board will be provided. See images for details (scroll down below the table).

Last NameFirst NameCountryPoster Title
AmnuaylojaroenTeerachaiThailandProcesses controlling surface ozone in the Bay of Bengal during Asian winter monsoon
BabuSureshIndiaPre-monsoon enhancement in elevated aerosol absorption over India: Results from RAWEX observations
BarretBriceFranceTropospheric Ozone and Carbon Monoxide over the Indian Ocean region from 2008 to 2013 with IASI data and GEOS-Chem simulations
BauerSusanneUSAConnections between Pollution and the Asian Monsoon Circulation
CagnazzoChiaraItalyCoupling between aerosols and the Indian Monsoon in climate models
ChandraPraphullaIndiaAgricultural paddy residue fires are a significant contributor to rising ambient concentrations of benzene in the N.W. IGP
ChenTianmengChinaCloudsat-based Observation Study about the Aerosol-induced Changes in Cloud Vertical Structure over East China
ChishtieFarrukhPakistanMapping cloud and aerosol occurrences in the UTLS region during monsoon seasons using CALIPSO and Cloudsat across Pakistan
CohenJasonSingaporeModels & Measurements to Quantify the Spatial, Temporal, and Vertical Distribution of Black Carbon Emissions over Southeast Asia
CrawfordJamesUSAChallenges and opportunities for remote sensing of air quality: Insights from DISCOVER-AQ
DhungelShraddaUSAObservational evidence of pollution transport from the Indo-Gangetic Plain to the Tibetan Plateau
FarhanaBiswas KarabiBangladeshGaseous and aerosol pollutants during fog and clear episodes in South Asian urban atmosphere
FierliFedericoItalyThe variability of dynamics and transport within the Asian Anticyclone from observations and Chemistry Climate models
FujiwaraMasatomoJapanSoundings of Ozone and Water in the Equatorial Region (SOWER) 1998-2015
GaoRu-ShanUSAA new and inexpensive tool for O3, aerosol, and AOD vertical profiling
GhudeSachinIndiaInter-comparison of different NOx emission inventories and associated variation in simulated surface ozone (O3) in Indian region
GottschaldtKlaus-DirkGermany Aircraft observations and model simulations of the Asian summer monsoon outflow during ESMVal
GrandeyBenjaminSingaporeTransient climate impacts for scenarios of aerosol emissions from Asia: a story of coal versus gas
HakkimHaseebIndiaWet Scavenging Efficiency Of Monsoon Rains For Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds In The North-West Indo Gangetic Plain 
HayashidaSachikoJapanOzone enhancement in the lower troposphere over East Asia observed from a space-borne ultraviolet spectrometer
HuangFuxiangChinaAn analysis on long-term changing trends and impacting factors of tropospheric ozone in North China based on satellite data
HungHui-MingTaiwanHygroscopicity of Ambient Aerosols in Taiwan
HuynhHai VanThailand Development of bottom-up emission inventory for vehicle fleet in HCMC to assess potential co-benefits to air quality and climate
InomataSatoshiJapan Laboratory measurements of emission factors of non-methane volatile organic compounds from burning of Chinese crop residues
KhadakMahataGermanyFirst time observation of seasonal characteristics of surface ozone at multiple sites in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
KingkaewSompokeThailandDevelopment of a high spatial resolution emission inventory for air quality modeling in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand
KonopkaPaulGermanyA PV-based determination of the transport barrier in the Asian summer monsoon anticyclone
KumarManishIndiaRetrieval of aerosol properties using satellite observations for ground level air quality management
LiYananChinaVariations of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) and aerosol activity during the Atmosphere, Aerosol, Cloud and CCN (A2C2) campaign
LiPingChinaAerosol hygroscopicity and CCN activity based on the size-resolved CCN data measured during and after the APEC conference in Bei
LiuHongyuUSALarge tropospheric ozone enhancements over Southwest China in late spring: Stratospheric and lightning influences
LiuLinChinaSeparation of long-term temperature changes due to aerosol, urban heat island effect and natural variations
LiveseyNathanielUSAMicrowave Limb Sounding of Asian Monsoon Composition: Prospects for future space-based and airborne observations
LvMinChinaPBL height and aerosol optical properties observation using multi-wavelength Raman lidar and radiosonde
LyBich-ThuyVietnamVOCs levels in near road in Hanoi
MacatangayRonaldPhilippines Project MANTRAA: Multi-platform ANalysis of TRace gAses and Aerosols
ManaloJohnPhilippinesSatellite-borne and ground-based total ozone column concentration measurements in the Philippines: Comparisons and variability
ManomaiphiboonKasemsanThailandAerosol optical depth and particulate matter measured during 10 dry-season weeks in 2014 at an urban site in Bangkok
NagashimaTatsuyaJapan Changes in the near future surface air quality in Asia under different future emission scenarios
NajaManishIndiaVertical profiling of ozone and surface observations of different trace species over the central Himalayas in India
NeuJessicaUSAEvaluation of Asian monsoon anticyclone climatology and variability in the CAM-Chem model using Aura MLS measurements
NguyenChinhVietnamApplying backward trajectory analysis to explain the variation of surface ozone at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
NguyenLy Sy Phu Vietnam Occurence of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticide in particulate phase in some areas of Vietnam
Nguyen Quoc ThienKieuVietnamCharacteristics of roadside air pollution at University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City in relation to meteorological conditions
OginoShin-YaJapan The lower tropospheric ozone increase over the eastern edge of the Indochina Peninsula revealed by ozonesondes at Hanoi, Vietnam
PanXiaohua USAA multi-model evaluation of aerosols over South Asia: Common problems and possible causes
PandayArnicoNepalICIMOD’S Atmosphere Initiative: Campaigns, observatories, data sets and modeling for the Himalaya
PaniShantanu KumarTaiwanThe radiative impact of biomass-burning aerosols in the boreal Southeast Asia
ParkSoo-JinKoreaNumerical study on the effects of building-aspect-ratio and VOC‒NOx ratio on the dispersion of reactive pollutants
PeltierRichardUSAInvestigating Potential Sources of PM2.5 Chloride in New Delhi, India
PeltierRichardUSAChemical Composition Analysis of Particulate Matter in Vietnam: A Pilot Study
PeltierRichardUSAEnhancements of PM2.5 elemental components during the monsoon season in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
PimonsreeSittichaiThailandModeling PM concentration during severe smog events in Upper Southeast Asia
PuteroDavideItaly Seasonal variation of short-lived climate forcers/pollutants at Paknajol, an urban area in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal
PuteroDavideItaly Interannual ozone variability at the NCO-P WMO/GAW global station: influence of stratosphere-to-troposphere exchange
PuthanpurakkalJishprakashSaudi ArabiaMineral dust sources from the Arabian Coast impacting on the Red Sea
RasheedAnjumNepalMeasurements and analysis of air quality in Islamabad, Pakistan
RexMarkusGermanyThe European research project StratoClim
RizviSarwarIndiaSatellite-based multi-spectral detection of the winter Fog Cover over the Indo-Gangetic Plains
RupakhetiMaheswarGemanyBC sources in the Kathmandu Valley inferred from two advanced measurement techniques: Dual-spot Aethalometer and carbon isotope
RupakhetiDipeshChinaBuddha’s Birthplace: A sacred garden with filthy air
SahuSaroj KumarJapanRecent and future emission scenarios for emerging renewable biomass and conventional fossil fuel based energy in India
SanteeMichelleUSAComposition of the Asian summer monsoon anticyclone: Climatology and variability from 10+ years of Aura MLS measurements
SarangiChandanIndiaInvigoration of clouds over Gangetic Basin
ShahidImranPakistanChemical composition of particles from traditional burning of Pakistani wood species and its climate implication
ShahidImranPakistanSource Apportionment and Characterization of Particulate Matter (PM10) in Urban Environment of Lahore
ShahidMuhammad ZeeshaanChinaSeasonal variations of aerosols in Pakistan: Contributions of domestic anthropogenic emissions and transboundary transport
Sheng-Hsiang (Carlo)WangTaiwan Vertical Distribution and Columnar Optical Properties of Springtime Biomass-Burning Aerosols over Northern Indochina
ShohelMohammadBangladeshFog and aerosol chemical characteristic of Bangladesh during winter season
SinghManojIndiaA Merged Aerosol dataset for Asia based on MODIS, MISR and SeaWiFS Aerosol Optical Depth products
SinhaVinayakIndiaPerturbations to O3, CO and NOx from post harvest crop residue fires in the N.W. IGP
SonkaewThirananThailandTropospheric Ozone Column Concentrations and Tropical Biomass Burning in Thailand and its Surrounding Regions
SrithawiratThunwadeeThailandSeasonal variations of black carbon in atmospheric particulate matter in lower north of Thailand
SrivastavaManoj KumarIndia Chemical characteristics of particulate matter over Northern India: Spatiotemporal variation
StillerGabrieleGermanyMIPAS observations of the Asian monsoon anticyclone: focus on water vapor, ozone, and pollutants
StrohFredGermanyThe StratoClim Asian Monsoon Aircraft Field Campaign
TariqZoyaPakistan Vehicular Emissions and Air Pollution
Tho HungNgoVietnamAnthropogenic Emission Inventory in Vietnam
ThomasonLarryUSASPARC’s Stratospheric Sulfur and its Role in Climate Activity
TianHongyingChinaCross-Tropopause Mass Exchange over the Tibetan Plateau and its Surroundings
TripatheeLekhendraChina Characteristics, sources and seasonal variation of water soluble ions in aerosols over the central Himalayas, Nepal
VarmaSunilUnited KingdomAre cloud processes key drivers of UTLS chemistry and constituent variability over key tropical regions?
VongmahadlekChatchawanThailandTHEM Implementation for CMAQ Simulation over Map Ta Phut Area of Thailand
VongruangPatipatThailandSpatial variation of PM10 from biomass burning in Upper Southeast Asia using chemical transport models
WangXuemeiChinaBiogenic VOCs emission and its impacts on surface ozone in the Pearl River delta region, China
WangTijianChinaStudy on Air Pollution and Climate Interaction Using Regional Model RegCCMS and RegCM-CHEM
WangWeiguoChina The Influence of Sulfur Dioxide on Dobson Spectrophotometer Total Ozone Measurement
YuLiyaSingaporeInfluence of biomass burning smoke on urban aerosols in Singapore
ZhangJiankaiChinaClimate warming and decreasing total column ozone over the Tibetan Plateau during winter and spring
ZhangYanChinaMonitoring of Ozone change over the Tibetan Plateau based on Satellite remote sensing data
ZhangLeiChinaEvaluation of NASA GISS Post-CMIP5 Single Column Model Simulated Cloud and Precipitation Using the ARM SGP Observations




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