Bangkok 2015 Agenda

Second Workshop on Atmospheric Composition and the Asian Monsoon (ACAM), 8-10 June 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand

Monday, 8 June
Introductions and Overview Presentations (Moderator: Laura Pan)
8:3010 minSachiko/Narisara/Kim OanhLOCWelcome and Logistics
8:4015 minJim CrawfordUSAWorkshop Introduction/ACAM Status
8:5520 minSeveralSeveralWelcome and Introduction of Organizational Sponsors (IGAC, SPARC, ICIMOD, NIES, IASS)
9:1530 minGuy BrasseurGermanyOverview: Impact of Asian Emission and Monsoon on Global Chemistry and Climate
9:4530 minWilliam LauUSAThe Aerosol-Monsoon Climate System of Asia
10:15                            Break
Session 1 - Emissions and Air Quality (Moderators: Hiroshi Tanimoto and Narisara Thongboonchoo)
10:3520 minShyam LalIndiaOzone and trace gases in India: Effects of transport and emissions
10:5515 minTuan NguyenVietnamData on Air Quality Monitoring in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in the Period 1995 - 2015
11:1015 minMoh Moh Thant ZinMyanmarAmbient Air Impact Assessment in Myanmar Development Projects
11:2515 minAbdus SalamBangladeshChemical Characteristics of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles at Urban and Rural Areas in Bangladesh
11:4015 minPuji LestariIndonesiaChemical Speciation of PM10 Emissions from Peat Burning in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
11:5515 minHarshita PawarIndiaQuantifying the contribution of long-range transport to Particulate Matter (PM) loading at a suburban site in the North-Western Indo-Gangetic Plain
12:10                            Lunch
Session 1 - Emissions and Air Quality (Moderators: Xuemei Wang and Prabir Patra)
13:3020 minJhoon KimSouth KoreaFuture satellite observations of Air Quality over Asia: GEMS and AMI
13:5015 minCathy ClerbauxFranceWhat can be seen by the IASI infrared satellite-borne instruments in the Asian monsoon region?
14:0515 minMuhammad Fahir KhokarPakistanExploring the atmospheric composition over Pakistan by exploiting ground based and satellite observations
14:2015 minPawan GuptaUSAHigh Resolution MODIS Aerosols Observations over Indian Sub Continent: Long Term Trends and Air Quality
14:3515 minHitoshi IrieJapanMAX-DOAS air quality observations at Phimai, Thailand, conducted in the framework of SKYNET
14:50                            Poster Session-1/Refreshments
17:30                            Adjourn
Tuesday, 9 June
Session 1 - Emissions and Air Quality (Moderators: Vanisa Surapipith and Arnico Panday)
8:3020 minQiang ZhangChinaMulti-resolution Emission Inventory for China (MEIC): model framework and 1990-2010 anthropogenic emissions
8:5015 minPrabir PatraJapanDependence of emission estimation on air quality modelling
9:0515 minMary BarthUSAToward Regional-Scale Chemistry-Climate Studies over South Asia by Evaluating Present Day Regional-Scale Air Quality Simulations
9:2015 minXing YuSingaporeInclusion of Biomass Burning in WRF-CHEM: Impact of Wildfires on Transboundary Haze over Southeast Asia
9:3515 minDidin Agustian PermadiThailandSimulation of Black Carbon and Aerosol Optical Depth over Southeast Asia Region
9:5015 minHsiang-He LeeSingaporeTransport and scavenging of Southeast Asia biomass burning aerosols
10:05                            Break
Session 2 - Aerosols and Clouds (Moderators: Suresh Babu and Maheswar Rupakheti)
10:2520 minZhanqing LiUSAAn overview of the Asian aerosol and monsoon interactions
10:4515 minNaila YasminPakistanSpatial analysis of Winter Fog over South Asia by using MODIS Terra Products
11:0015 minRitesh GautamIndiaPersistent and Widespread Winter Fog & Haze over Indo-Gangetic Plains: Climatological perspective from satellite observations
11:1515 minMukunda GogoiIndiaSpectral absorption characteristics of aerosols over northeastern India
11:3015 minFang ZhangChinaAerosol hygroscopicity and CCN activity during the AC3EXP campaign: implications for CCN parameterazation
11:4515 minGwenael BerthetFranceAerosol counting measurements using weather balloons and future applications for the Asian monsoon
12:0015 minKim Oanh NguyenThailandSeasonal fluctuations in levels and composition of fine particles observed in Asian countries: findings of AIRPET project
12:15                             Lunch
Working Group Sessions
13:3060 minGroups 1 and 4WG LeadsWorking Group Presentations and Open Discussion
14:3060 minGroups 2 and 3WG LeadsWorking Group Presentations and Open Discussion
15:30                            Poster Session-2/Refreshments
17:30                             Adjourn
19:00                             Workshop Dinner
Wednesday, 10 June
Session 2 - Aerosols and Clouds (Moderators: Jason Cohen and Kim Oanh)
8:3020 minGuoxiong WuChinaOverview: Asian monsoon system and global dynamics in a changing climate
8:5015 minChaitri RoyIndiaEffects of aerosols on Indian summer monsoon rainfall during El Niño
9:0515 minMian ChinUSAInteractions between aerosols and Asian monsoon
9:2015 minUdaya Bhaskar GunturuSaudi ArabiaDevelopment of an aerosol-cloud resolving model for studying aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions
9:3515 minChuanfeng ZhaoChinaCloud Macrophysical Properties at Taihu Site Using a New Developed MPL-based Cloud Detection Algorithm
09:50                             Break
Session 3/4 - Convection and UT/LS (Moderators: Federico Fierli and Manish Naja)
10:1020 minAngela BakerGermanyComposition, Chemistry and Transport in the UT/LS during the Asian Monsoon: Results from the CARIBIC Observatory
10:3015 minXiaobin XuChinaFirst simultaneous measurements of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and ozone at Nam Co in the central Tibet Plateau
10:4515 minAlina FiehnGermanyTransport of halogenated VSLS from the Indian Ocean to the stratosphere through the Asian monsoon circulation
11:0020 minRolf MullerGermanyVertical  transport in the Asian monsoon anticyclonic circulation
11:1515 minJohnny LuoUSAConvective entrainment and its influences on convective transports of constituents
11:3015 minBarbel VogelGermanyImpact of different Asian source regions on the composition of the Asian monsoon anticyclone and on the extratropical UTLS
11:4515 minMichael SchwartzUSAHigh water vapor and associated signatures from MLS in the Asian Monsoon Lower Stratosphere
12:00                             Lunch
Session 3/4 - Convection and UT/LS (Moderators: Suvarna Fadnavis and Masatomo Fujiwara)
13:3020 minJianchun BianChinaSounding water vapor, ozone, and particles over the Tibetan Plateau during the ASM
13:5015 minXiaolu YanChinaBalloon-borne and MLS observations of water vapor,ozone and temperature in the tropopause transition layer over Tibetan Plateau
14:0515 minArata AmemiyaJapanPossibility of the inertial instability around the Asian summer monsoon
14:2020 minJean-Paul VernierUSACurrent knowledge and required observations of the Asian Tropopause Aerosol Layer
14:4015 minSuvarna FadnavisIndiaTrends in Peroxyacetyl Nitrate (PAN) in the UTLS over Southern Asia during the summer monsoon
14:5515 minFiona TummonSwitzerlandExploring the sulfur budget within the Asian Tropopause Aerosol Layer using the SOCOL-AER chemistry-climate-aerosol model
15:1015 minLaura PanUSAOutstanding Questions of UTLS transport by the Asian Monsoon System and Challenges for Airborne Studies
15:25                             Break
Working Group Reports and Final Discussion (Moderator: Crawford)
15:4545 minWG Leads Working Group Reports from Breakout Discussions of the Previous Day: WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4
16:3010 minLarry ThomasonUSASSiRC
16:4010 minMarkus RexGermanyThe European research project StratoClim
16:5010 minMasatomo FujiwaraJapanSoundings of Ozone and Water in the Equatorial Region (SOWER) 1998-2015
17:0010 minHans SchlagerGermanyCurrent Status of the OMO Campaign
17:1010 minTanimotoJapanIGAC Asia Working Group - Relationship to ACAM
17:2040 minPanUSAFinal Discussion
18:00                             Adjourn




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