Guangzhou 2017 Training School

Second ACAM Training School

 Observations and Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols in the Asian Monsoon

10-12 June 2017, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China


The second training school on "Observations and Modeling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols in the Asian Monsoon" will be held at Jinan University in Guangzhou during 10-12 June 2017. This training event is organized within the framework of the Atmospheric Composition and Asian Summer Monsoon (ACAM) initiative, jointly sponsored by IGAC, SPARC and IAMAS. Specific goals of the event include building the capacity and training of early career scientists in Asia for effective utilization of diverse types of observations and model data relevant to studying aerosols and air quality in Asia in connection with the Asian monsoon and Climate. The 3-day event will bring together international experts in satellite remote sensing, in situ measurements, and modeling to provide classes and focused tutorials. This event is organized from ACAM Working Group-IV, focused on developing the talent and expertise of ACAM scientists for utilizing community models and data products for ACAM research; and will be preceded by the 3rd ACAM workshop, 5-9 June, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.
For the second ACAM training school, we plan to accept 40-50 students. The format of the training school will be a combination of lecture and hands-on activities. A "Science Cafe" activity will occur the first evening. Small groups (6-8 students and lecturers) will put together ideas of ACAM-related science projects. Each group will present their research objective and how they would achieve that objective through measurements and modeling. 
Students and Early Career Scientists are eligible to apply for the training school. This includes Masters and PhD students as well as scientists within 3 years of completing a PhD, excluding career breaks.
AGENDA (as of 12 May 2017)



Tianjun ZhouLASG/IAP/CAS, ChinaAtmosphere-Ocean coupling as part of the Asian Monsoon
Jessica NeuJPL/CalTech, USAIntroduction to CCMI and satellite remote sensing of atmospheric chemistry
Elliott AtlasU. Miami, USAAtmospheric instrumentation
Mian ChinNASA/GSFC, USAChemical Transport Modeling
Chiara CagnazzoISAC/CNR, ItalyChemistry-climate interactions
Sachin GhudeIITM Pune, IndiaEmissions and atmospheric instrumentation
Federico FierliISAC/CNR, ItalyTransport/Dynamics-Chemistry
Mary BarthNCAR/USARegional Climate Chemistry Modeling
Ritesh GautamIIT Bombay, IndiaAerosol/Cloud/Radiation Remote Sensing

Scientific Organizing Committee:  Mary Barth (NCAR), Ritesh Gautam (IIT Bombay), Federico Fierli (ISAC/CNR), R. Krishnan (IITM, Pune)

Local Organizers:  Liuyi Zhou, Xuesong Geng

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