Christoph Knote

Christoph Knote
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Dr. Christoph Knote has active collaborations with numerous ACOM scientists, including:
• MOZART chemical mechanism development and comparisons with CAMchem, WRFChem, and box modeling (Louisa Emmons, John Orlando, Geoff Tyndall, Gabi Pfister)
• FRAPPE campaign analysis of contribution of different emissions sources (e.g., oil and gas exploration in Weld County) to ozone formation using the BOXMOX box model (Rebecca Hornbrook, Eric Apel, Louisa Emmons)
• Multiphase SOA treatment based on the GECKO mechanism and our recent findings on solubility of organic matter (Alma Hodzic, Sasha Madronich)
• Chemical data assimilation in a box: using the BOXMOX box model to investigate the correlations between the species in a chemical mechanism under varying environmental conditions to be applied to data assimilation techniques (Jerome Barre, Ave Arellano)

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