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MUSICA Kick-off Meeting

May 21-22, 2019

NCAR Foothills Lab, Boulder CO

Participation in this meeting is by invitation only


MUSICA 2019 workshop in NCAR Foothills Lab - May 22

Participants in MUSICA 2019 held at NCAR's Foothills Lab in Boulder, Colorado. Click for larger image.

The Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling (ACOM) Laboratory at NCAR plans to develop a new community modeling infrastructure jointly with different interested groups in the world. MUSICA – the Multi-Scale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols – will become a computationally feasible global modeling framework that allows for the simulation of large-scale atmospheric phenomena, while still resolving chemistry at emission and exposure relevant scales (down to ~4 km within the next 5 years). MUSICA will eventually replace and extend the current separate community chemistry modeling efforts at NCAR (e.g. WACCM, CAM-Chem, WRF-Chem), paralleling other activities at NCAR to streamline and unify model development.

The objectives of the MUSICA kick-off meeting are to:

  • Engage the participation of the community at an early stage in the development of a new unified model for the global to local prediction of air quality and investigations of the role of chemistry in weather and climate.
  • Establish partnerships on the MUSICA development and identify overlap and collaborative opportunities with other model development initiatives.
  • Determine the community expectations of a unified model
  • Brief the community on the future of chemistry modeling as part of NCAR’s integrated earth system model development plans.
  • Identify opportunities for scientific collaborations in the areas of chemical prediction and projection, assessing the impacts and risks of air pollution and development of mitigation strategies in a Whole Atmosphere Approach.
  • Discuss the co-development of a framework for model evaluation, data assimilation and model diagnostics in conjunction with the development of MUSICA.


 We expect to have a White Paper/Action Plan developed as part of this meeting.


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