Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Éxperiment

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Broomfield, CO

Jul 16, 12:00am - Aug 18, 12:00am
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This is the ACOM administrative site for FRAPPÉ 2014. For extensive coverage of ACOM science and photos, please visit the ACOM FRAPPÉ 2014 web site.

The Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Éxperiment (FRAPPÉ) field campaign took place in summer 2014. This was a collaborative effort between the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, the University of Colorado and Colorado State University, UC Berkeley, and other university collaborators, local projects and agencies including local school districts, NASA, NOAA, and NCAR. This mission was closely coordinated with the NASA DISCOVER-AQ project, which conducted their final aircraft deployment in the Colorado Front Range.