ACOM Seminars from 2013-2017 now on YouTube

100+ videos about atmospheric chemistry ready for viewing

Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling (ACOM) laboratory has completed the transfer of 100+ video recordings of ACOM seminars from archive storage to our YouTube channel. The lectures include a wide range of topics, as shown in the Word Cloud diagram below. Special thanks to Mary Anne Cervantes and Dan Burge for collecting and formatting the archived metadata, and to Bret Batterman for video production and transfer. (December 29, 2020)


Word cloud diagram of ACOM seminar titles for the years 2013-2017. Image created by Graham Drews, 2020.

This word cloud diagram displays keywords used in titles of ACOM seminars given during the years 2013-2017. Words in a larger font are used more frequently. Diagram created by Graham Drews. Click for larger image.


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YouTube play arrow and Word Cloud diagram of ACOM seminar topics. Image by Graham Drews.
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