Integration of GEOS-Chem into NCAR models - Agenda

Mar. 18, 2022

9:59 am MDT

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July 30-31, 2018: ACOM Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Monday, July 30

9:00 Goal of the meeting (Guy Brasseur, NCAR and Daniel Jacob, Harvard)

9:10 GEOS-Chem overview (Daniel Jacob, Harvard)

9:30 GEOS-Chem code structure (Bob Yantosca, Harvard)

9:50 Singletrack overview (Andrew Gettleman, NCAR) (Singletrack at ACOM)

10:10 Break

10:30 Chemistry Café and MICM (Mary Barth, NCAR)

10:50 MUSICA (Dan Marsh, NCAR)

11:10 CAM Chem overview (Simone Tilmes and Doug Kinnison, NCAR)

11:30 Chemistry-ecosystems-climate coupling in GEOS-Chem (Lee Murray, U Rochester)

11:50 Coupling of GEOS-Chem with NASA GEOS-5 (Lizzie Lundgren, Harvard)

12:10 Lunch

1:00 GEOS-Chem adjoint (Daven Henze, U. Colorado-Boulder)

1:20 Coupling GEOS-Chem with CESM2 (Seb Eastham, MIT)

1:40 WRF Overview (Gabriele Pfister and Mary Barth, NCAR)

2:00 Coupling of GEOS-Chem with WRF (May Fu, Peking U.)

2:20 GEOS-Chem on the cloud (Jiawei Zhuang, Harvard)

2:40 Break

3:00 The new physics coupling framework (CPF) (Steve Goldhaber, NCAR)

3:15 Facilitating coupled model development for both climate and weather via CIME (Mariana Vertenstein)

3:30 Interface to the current CCPP (Cheryl Craig, NCAR)

3:45 Updating Chemical mechanisms in models (e.g., CESM) (Becky Schwantes, NCAR)

4:00 Initial software engineering discussion on coupling GEOS-Chem with NCAR models, and laying out a specific agenda for Day 2 (Leads: Seb Eastham, MIT and Dan Marsh, NCAR)

5:00 Adjourn


Tuesday, July 31: Continued software engineering discussions

9:00-12:00 Open discussion:

  • Coupling of GEOS-Chem with CESM2
  • Coupling of GEOS-Chem with WRF
  • GEOS-Chem and WRF on the cloud
  • Building a GEOS-Chem capability in the MUSICA architecture


12:00-1:00 lunch

1:00-2:00 Action items

2:00 Adjourn



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