ACOM Scientists Present at AGU 2019

26 scientists from ACOM will present talks and posters at the 2019 meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, California, December 9-13. For more details about the conference program, please refer to the following schedule:


A11K-2704 (Monday, 0800 – 1220), Siyuan WangAn Online Air-Sea Exchange Model Framework for Trace Gases powered by Machine-Learning (poster)

A11V-2760 (Monday, 0800 – 1220), Forrest LaceyUsing CESM2 to isolate the modeled climate response from varying model resolutions and chemical complexity (poster)

GC11K-1112 (Monday, 0800 – 1220), Rebecca BuchholzTerra Trends: A Global Slowdown in Decreasing Atmospheric CO and the Regional Interpretation Using AOD (poster)

GC13F-1192 (Monday, 1340 – 1800), Chuck Bardeen, Influence of smoke composition on climate effects from fires following nuclear war (invited poster)

A13C-02 (Monday, 1410 – 1440), Guy BrasseurOzone Depletion and Recovery (invited talk)

IN13A-03 (Monday, 1410 – 1425), Dan ZiskinThe Evolution of the MOPITT SIPS (talk)

A14B-07 (Monday, 1730 – 1745), Siyuan WangFinding the missing reactive carbon in the atmosphere: lessons learned from acetaldehyde and implications for laboratory and field experiments (invited talk)

GC14B-07 (Monday, 1730 – 1745), Helen Worden20 years of MOPITT: What satellite observations of carbon monoxide can tell us about our changing atmosphere (invited talk)


A22A-06 (Tuesday, 1135 – 1150), Ben GaubertPerspectives on atmospheric carbon monoxide, an attempt to disentangle errors from chemistry and emissions using multiple satellites and assimilation frameworks (talk)

A23L-2963 (Tuesday, 1340 – 1800), Wenfu TangInvestigating air quality and climate impacts of fires using an interactive fire module in CESM2 (poster)

A23M-2867 (Tuesday, 1340 – 1800), Olivia Clifton, Important role for plant responses to meteorology on the cumulative stomatal flux of ozone (poster); and Primary Convener of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Atmospheric Chemistry (A23M posters, A31C oral session, A32D oral session, and A33J posters)

A23Q-2929 (Tuesday, 1340 – 1800), Guy BrasseurA world-wide Service for Air Pollution Forecasts: The MAP-AQ Project (poster)

PA23C-1177 (Tuesday, 1340 – 1800), Shima ShamsFocus Group on Climate Change (Science Communication - SWIRL)

SA23A-01 (Tuesday, 1340 – 1355), Rolando GarciaMiddle atmosphere temperature trends in the 20thand 21stcenturies simulated with the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) (talk)


A31E-01 (Wednesday, 0800 – 0815), Gabi PfisterOn the robustness of quality prediction performance assessments (invited talk)

GC31B (Wednesday, 0800 – 1000), Simone Tilmes, Primary Convener of Solar Geoengineering Benefits and Risks: Modeling, Impacts, Analogues, Engineering, Ethics, and Governance (also GC33G poster session). Session 1. Session 2.

A31E-07 (Wednesday, 0930 – 0945), Louisa EmmonsMulti-scale Predictions of Air Quality with a Variable Resolution Global Model (talk)

Exhibit Hall, Booth 505 (Wednesday, 1310 – 1330), Forrest Lacey and Becky SchwantesMulti-scale infrastructure for chemistry and aerosols (MUSICA) (Exhibit Hall presentation)

GC33G-1425 (Wednesday, 1340 – 1800), Simone TilmesSensitivity of stratospheric ozone changes with stratospheric aerosol geoengineering using the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) (poster)

A33D-07 (Wednesday, 1510 – 1525), Jim HanniganAnalysis of Long -Term Global Measurements of OCS from NDACC/IRWG Stations (talk)

A34G-02 (Wednesday, 1615 – 1630), Dan MarshThe Response to Variable Solar Forcing in WACCM Simulations for CMIP6 (invited talk)


A43G-01 (Thursday, 1340 – 1355), Alma HodzicChallenges in Modeling Organic Aerosols in the Remote Troposphere (invited talk)

A43G-04 (Thursday, 1425 – 1440), Becky SchwantesMore Explicit Alkane Chemistry Improves the Representation of Several Volatile Organic Compounds Including Methyl Ethyl Ketone in The Remote Atmosphere (talk)

A44F-05 (Thursday, 1700 – 1715), Bill RandelDeriving stratospheric age-of-air spectra from satellite water vapor measurements (talk)


A51K-2787 (Friday, 0800 – 1220), Richard NewtonUpper Tropospheric Temperature Inversions in the Indian Monsoon (poster)

A51K-2788 (Friday, 0800 - 1200), Laura PanProgress in the Asian summer monsoon Chemical and Climate Impact Project (ACCLIP) (poster)

A51K-2792 (Friday, 0800 - 1200), Shawn HonomichlTransport from the Asian Summer Monsoon Anticyclone Over the Western Pacific (poster)

U52A (Friday, 1022 – 1047), Guy BrasseurSummary of past successes of WCRP and lessons learned (invited talk)

A53P-2972 (Friday, 1340 – 1800), Mijeong ParkRecent Variability in Stratospheric Water Vapor observed by the SAGE III/ISS (poster)

A54A-05 (Friday, 1700 – 1715), Eric ApelWhat are the major volatile organic carbon influences on the remote pristine troposphere? (talk)

A54C-05 (Friday, 1700 – 1715), Mike MillsThe June 2019 Raikoke eruption: a case study for forecasting volcanic sulfate evolution (talk)

A54H-07 (Friday, 1730 – 1745), Shima ShamsHigh latitude ozone variation and their relationship to Sudden Stratospheric Warmings (talk)


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