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Asteroids passing earth - Discovery News, February 10, 2016

Discovery News: A strike by a medium-size asteroid in a forested region could change the Earth’s climate to ice-age like conditions with effects lasting for up to 10 years. Airborne soot and dust aerosols would decrease the amount of sunlight... Read more

University of Maryland chemistry graduate student Julie Nicely provides real-time analysis of data collected off the coast of Guam. Photo credit: Ross Salawitch published an article about ACOM's CONTRAST field campaign that operated out of Guam during January and February 2014. Biomass burning in the equatorial regions of Africa and Asia causes pockets of high ozone over the western Pacific... Read more

Image credit: NASA/Steele Hill

A research paper co-authored by ACOM scientist Dan Marsh was featured in Eos. The paper describes how WACCM version 4 produces a stronger vertical circulation in the earth's atmosphere, bringing NO and NO2 down into the stratosphere... Read more

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