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Name Affiliation Host Research Dates
Jacqueline Dowling Carleton College Charles Bardeen

Jacqueline Dowling will collaborate with Drs. Charles Bardeen and Andrew Gettelman to help develop diagnostic tests for the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM).Read more

Jul 2016 to Aug 2016
Valeria Donets Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS), University of Miami Laura Pan

Valeria Donets participated the CONTRAST (CONvective TRansport of Active Species in the Tropics) field campaign in 2014. Her PhD work includes analyzing the GV airborne campaign data. She will visit NCAR/ACOM to collaborate on a paper interpreting the observed...Read more

Jul 2016
Nicola Blake University of California, Irvine Eric Apel

Collaborate with Dr. Eric Apel to work on software associated with a TOGA instrument.Read more

Jun 2016
Teerachai Amnuaylojaroen School of Environment, University of Phayao Alma Hodzic

Dr. Amnuaylojaroen will collaborate with Drs. Alma Hodzic and Mary Barth and other scientists in the Regional & Process Modeling group. He will perform high-resolution simulations with WRF and WRF-Chem to study aerosol/cloud interactions over the Maritime Continent region during...Read more

Jun 2016 to Aug 2016
Camille Mouchel-Vallon University of York Alma Hodzic

Dr. Mouchel-Vallon will collaborate with Dr. Alma Hodzic and other scientists in her group. He will perform GECKO-A simulations to study the dissolution of organic compounds in cloud water and the subsequent chemistry. Model runs will be performed for field...Read more

Jun 2016 to Jul 2016
Bernard Aumont Univesitie Paris-Est Creteil Sasha Madronic

Dr. Aumont will collaborate with Drs. Alma Hodzic, Geoff Tyndall, and John Orlando. He will continue to collaborate on the development and use of the GECKO­A model. This will include simulations using chamber and field data plus updating the photolysis...Read more

Jun 2016
Elliot Atlas RSMAS Laura Pan

Dr. Atlas will work with ACOM staff to analyze recent ORCAS mission data.Read more

Jun 2016 to Aug 2016
David Pfotenhauer University of Colorado Boulder Christine Wiedinmyer

David Pfotenhauer will collaborate with Dr. Christine Wiedinmyer and others to do cooking tests and data analyses in support of the EPA-funded cookstove project. He will also collaborate with Dr. Wiedinmyer throughout the school year to analyze datasets, write papers,...Read more

May 2016 to May 2017
Paola Crippa University of Newcastle Chrstine Wiedinmyer

The 2015 El Nno has been extremely strong and the friving force behind the conditions that have led to an extreme fire season in Indonesia during the Fall 2015. Dr. Crippa and Christine Wiedinmyer are working on a modeling study...Read more

Mar 2016 to Apr 2016
Christine Smith-Johnsen University of Oslo Dan Marsh

Understanding the impact of Energetic Particle Precipitation (EPP) on the chemistry and dynamics of the middle and upper atmosphere, and ultimately upon surface climate, through combined modeling and observational studies. Testing to determine if the estimated energy fluxes derived from...Read more

Mar 2016 to Jun 2016
Monika Andersson Finnish Meteorological Institute Dan Marsh

Monika will work on continued development and validation of improved stratospheric chemistry and specification of solar energetic particle forcing in CESM. She will also collaborate on a paper to estimate NOy in stratosphere that originates from...Read more

Mar 2016
Aurelien Podglajen Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique William Randel

Working on WRF-chem model simulations of the tropical UTLS, quantifying
circulation and temperature effects on cirrus cloud formation.Read more

Mar 2016 to Aug 2016
Yang Li University of Michigan Mary Barth

Yang Li will visit Mary Barth to analyze model (LES-Chem) results of gas and aqueous chemistry. We expect the simulations will be completed before March. The visit will be spent producing plots of the model results and interpretation of these...Read more

Mar 2016
Jianchun Bian Chinese Academy of Sciences Laura Pan

Dr. Jianchun Bian will interact with the UTLS group in data analyses on Asian monsoon dynamics and transport.  Dr. Bian has been leading a balloon borne in situ observation project over the Tibetan plateau. The ozone, water vapor and particle profiles...Read more

Feb 2016 to Mar 2016
Matthias Nuetzel German Aerospace Center William Randel

Working on analysis of the circulation and dynamics of the Asian monsoon anticyclone.
Evaluating bimodal behavior based on reanalysis data and model simulations.Read more

Feb 2016 to Apr 2016
Ryan Neely University of Leeds Mike Mills

Continue prognostic volcanic aerosol studies in CESM(WACCM) started in 2015. Specifically, examine and finalize the volcanic database to be used in CMIP6 from 1850 to 1978. Also examine the implications of the new transient OCS lower boundary condition. The results...Read more

Jan 2016 to Feb 2016
Benjamin W. Clouser University of Chicago Steve Shertz

Design and construction of the Chicago Water Isotope Spectrometer, which will be used to measure the concentration of water vapor and its isotopologues in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere during the Asian Summer Monsoon.Read more

Nov 2015
Damian Murphy Australian Antarctic Division Anne Smith

Dr. Murphy will collaborate with ACOM scientists on using gravity wave observations to better understand and improve parameterization in WACCM. This is a continuation of an ongoing project funded by the Austalian Antarctic Division. Dr Murphy contributes to the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems...Read more

Oct 2015
Rafael Fernandez National Research Council Jean_Francois Lamarque

Rafael Fernandez is a Junior Scientist from the National Research Council (CONICET, Argentina). During his postdoc at the Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate group (AC2-CSIC, Spain) he worked on the implementation of Very Short-Lived (VSL) Halogens in CAM-Chem. In particular he...Read more

Oct 2015 to Nov 2015
Bailey Page & Amy Sahud Monarch High School Christine Wiedinmyer

Amy Sahud and Bailey Page are seniors at Monarch High School in Louisville, CO. Amy and Bailey will be visitors of ACOM through the end of the 2015-2016 school year, during which time they will be working alongside ACOM scientist...Read more

Sep 2015 to May 2016
Paul Young Lancaster University Jean-Francois Lamarque

Dr Paul Young is a lecturer in the Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University, UK. Paul visited ACOM for 2 weeks in early September 2015, hosted by his long term collaborator Jean-François Lamarque (ACOM, CESM). During this short visit, Paul...Read more

Sep 2015
Fernando Iglesias-Suarez Lancaster University Jean-Francois Lamarque

As part of my PhD I am running CESM-WACCM to probe stratospheric ozone and climate interactions. First, I undertook the CESM Tutorial to start familiarising myself with the model. Then, I extended three more weeks my stay at NCAR and...Read more

Aug 2015 to Sep 2015
Ryan Neely University of Leeds Mike Mills

Dr. Ryan R. Neely III (Lecturer of Observational Atmospheric Science in the National Centre for Atmospheric  Science (NCAS) and the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, UK) visit ACOM from August 18, 2015 to ...Read more

Aug 2015 to Sep 2015
Anja Schmidt Leeds University Mike Mills

Dr. Anja Schmidt is an Academic Research Fellow in Volcanic Impacts and Hazards in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, UK and the recipient of the 2015 George Walker Award for Volcanology. She visited ACOM...Read more

Aug 2015 to Sep 2015
Christoph Knote Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen Alma Hodzic

Dr. Christoph Knote is an assistant professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universitaet in Munich, Germany. Christoph had been a postdoc in ACOM and returned for a one-month visit in July/August 2015. During his visit Christoph worked on advancing his chemistry box...Read more

Jul 2015 to Aug 2015





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