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Name Affiliation Host Research Dates
Susan Solomon MIT Rolando Garcia

Dr. Solomon will collaborate with ACOM on analyzing WACCM chemical simulations of the stratosphere.Read more

Aug 2019 to Mar 2020
Leroy Bird Bodeker Scientific Gabriele Pfister

...Read more

Jul 2019 to Aug 2019
Parker Case University Of Colorado Boulder Laura Pan

Parker Case is a PhD student at CU with Brian Toon as his adviser. He is a member of ACCLIP science team. He will be working with NCAR/ACOM chemical forecast group for ACCLIP. Read more

Jul 2019 to Jul 2020
Christoph Knote Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Louisa Emmons

Christoph will visit NCAR and CU to work on box modeling of fire emissions.  He is supporting the FIREX-AQ campaign with FLEXPART simulations and will be finalize those before going to Boise for flight planning. Read more

Jul 2019
Christopher Lawrence University of Albany Mary Barth

Chris Lawrence is a student of Sara Lance (U. Albany) investigating cloud water chemistry at Whiteface Mountain. He is looking at pH and ion balance trends from Whiteface Mountain measurements. While here he will present some of his results at...Read more

Jul 2019
Yutian Wu Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Bill Randel

Yutian Wu is the faculty advisor for ASP graduate fellow Xinyue Wang. We will be collaborating on analysis of tracer transport in the Asian monsoon, using idealized tracers in WACCM. Read more

Jul 2019
Jun Zhang University of Illinois Doug Kinnison

Jun will be working on a project to examine aircraft impact. This will include both subsonic and proposed supersonic aircraft. Jun will use the CESM1 (WACCM4) and CESM (WACCM6) model versions.Read more

Jul 2019
Si-Wan Kim Yonsei University Louisa Emmons

Si-Wan and her student are performing WRF-Chem simulations and analyzing KORUS-AQ observations.  They are also using CAM-chem results for the a priori data in GEMS retrievals.  They are interested in meeting with ACOM scientists to discuss other areas of research.Read more

Jul 2019
Seunghwan Seo Yonsei University Louisa Emmons

Seunghwan is a student with Si-Wan Kim (also visiting) and will work on preparing a priori data for GEMS from CAM-chem, and also on analysis of KORUS-AQ observations and model results. Read more

Jul 2019
Hao Ye University of Reading Bill Randel

Hao is working on a  research project on the validation of water vapor from multiple satellite observations and further to establish a vertically resolved water vapor dataset. He is also trying to learn water vapor measurements from aircraft campaigns from...Read more

Jul 2019
Kyoung-Min Kim Yonsei University Louisa Emmons

Kyoung-Min Kim is a graduate student with visitor Si-Wan Kim at Yonsei University. He will work on implementing satellite soil moisture data to WRF-Chem with Rajesh.Read more

Jul 2019
Sofia Chelpon City College of New York Doug Kinnison

Sofia is working on her PhD research using CONTRAST field campaign data and the WACCM model. Read more

Jun 2019 to Aug 2019
Liji David Colorado State University Mary Barth

Liji will be using WRF-Chem to investigate trifluoroacetic acid and its fate in the atmosphere, particularly wet scavenging. This work contributes to a grant led by A. R. Ravishankara. Liji will be learning how to run the WRF-Chem model and...Read more

Jun 2019
Christopher Lennard University of Cape Town Simone Tilmes

Chris Lennard, who is the coordinator of CORDEX Africa to going to collaborate with ACOM in an effort to expand WRF to be able to run with input data from the Geoengineering Large Ensemble (GLENS) output, and basically produce a...Read more

Jun 2019
Conner Daube Aerodyne Research, Inc Sam Halls

Conner will assist the ACOM/ARIM group in installing a Diode-array Actinic Flux Spectrometer (DAFS) and jNO2 filter radiometer on the Aerodyne mobile laboratory NASA FIREX-AQ mission. The instruments will provide photolysis frequencies in concert with surface chemistry and aerosol data. Read more

Jun 2019
Jason Curry Aerodyne Research, Inc Sam Halls

Jason will assist the ACOM/ARIM group in installing a Diode-array Actinic Flux Spectrometer (DAFS) and jNO2 filter radiometer on the Aerodyne mobile laboratory NASA FIREX-AQ mission. The instruments will provide photolysis frequencies in concert with surface chemistry and aerosol dataRead more

Jun 2019
Peter Hitchcock Cornell Univeristy Bill Randel

Peter was previously a postdoc in our group. He is visiting to continue collaborations with ACOM on analysis of Kelvin waves and their effects in the tropical stratosphere, using observations and models. Read more

Jun 2019
Jose Agustin Garcia Universidad de Extremadura, Dpto. de Física Rolando Garcia

Jose will Analyze WACCM6 runs in collaboration with WACCM group.Read more

Jun 2019 to Jul 2019
Aurelien Podjlagen Research Center Juelich Bill Randel

Aurelien is a postdoc in Juelich involved with large-scale modeling using the Lagrangian CLaMS model. We will collaborate on estimating stratospheric age-of-air spectra from models and satellite measurements of tracers with a variety of photochemical lifetimes. This work will involve...Read more

Jun 2019 to Jul 2019
Natalia Calvo Universidad Complutense de Madrid Rolando Garcia

Natalia will collaborate on the analysis of CMIP 6 simulations made with WACCM.Read more

Jun 2019 to Aug 2019
Elliot Atlas Univ of Miami Gabriele Pfister

Elliot plans to work with Laura Pan and others in ACOM to prepare for the ACCLIP campaign, and also to do some instrument testing for the DCOTSS project.Read more

May 2019 to Aug 2019
Andrew Dessler Texas A&M Univeristy Andrew Gettelman

Andrew is the advisor for Wandi Yu who is taking part in the ASP graduate visitor program.Read more

May 2019
Hannah Kenagy UC Berkeley Xuan Zhang

Hannah will collaborate with ACOM on the chamber campaign with a focus of studying the atmopsheric...Read more

May 2019 to Jun 2019
Ekaterina Lezine University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Rebecca Buchholz

Ekaterina will study the sampling uncertainty in water vapor and ozone measurements from satellite-based instruments. Rebecca, as a SOARS writing mentor, will guide Ekaterina in her writing tasks.Read more

May 2019 to Aug 2019
Sarah Strode NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Helen Worden

Sarah will be coming to ACOM to give the TropChem Friday seminar.Read more

May 2019





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