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Name Affiliation Host Research Dates
Christoph Knote Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Alma Hodzic

Christoph will collaborating on the AQMEII 3D model simulations and their analysis. Of particular interest will be the analysis of the dry and wet deposition of gaseous and aerosol pollutants over the US and EU. This work will support ACOM...Read more

May 2019
Xinyue Wang Purdue University Bill Randel

Xinyue Wang will be an ASP graduate student visitor this summer. She will be working on analysis of UTLS tracer transport in the Asian monsoon using idealized WACCM simulations. Read more

May 2019 to Aug 2019
Jianghanyang Li Purdue University Xuan Zhang

Jianghanyang will be visiting ACOM to continue the collaboration with Xuan Zhang on the isotope fractionation...Read more

May 2019 to Aug 2019
Nicola Blake UC Irvine Eric Apel

Nicola will collaborate with ACOM on the WE-CAN and FIREX projects.Read more

May 2019
Fatimah Ahamad National University of Malaysia Rebecca Buchholz

...Read more

May 2019
Guido Conto Universidad Nacional de Cordoba Sasha Madronich

Guido is a grad student of Gerardo Palancar (who has visited us several times since 2001) at the U. of Cordova.  He will learn how to apply WRF-Chem to his region (N. Argentina) with emphasis on biomass burning plumes, some...Read more

May 2019 to Jul 2019
Kashyapa Naren Athreyas Nanyang Technological University Rolando Garcia

Dr. Narenathreyas will investigate MLT and inter-hemispheric coupling effects during stratospheric sudden warming events.He will also study the occurrence frequency of SSW events in long-term simulations covering the period 1850 to the present, as well as 21st century climates through...Read more

May 2019 to Dec 2019
Alex Jarnot UC Irvine Eric Apel

Alex is here to attend WE-CAN meeting. He will collaborate with Eric Apel and Becky Hornbrook on paper writing.Read more

Apr 2019
Shima Bahramvash Shams Washington State University Jim Hannigan

Shima received as ASP Graduate Student Fellowship to pursue her research into  Arctic ozone, sudden stratospheric warmings and links to lower latitudes.   She is attending Washington State Univ. where she has made infrared emission spectral observations of stratospheric ozone from...Read more

Apr 2019 to Dec 2019
Wandi Yu Texas A&M University Mijeong Park

Wandi has been accepted to the ASP graduate visitor program and will be collaborating with the UTLS group.Read more

Apr 2019 to Sep 2019
Xun Wang Texas A&M University Andrew Gettelman

ASP Graduate Visitor working on volcanic forcing in CESM. Read more

Mar 2019 to May 2019
Michael Schwartz JPL Bill Randel

Michael is coming to give an informal seminar on stratospheric effects of large boreal fires, and observations from the MLS satellite. We are aiming to set up collaborations on chemical modeling of the fire plumes.Read more

Feb 2019 to Mar 2019
Chris Reed National Centre for Atmospheric Science Frank Flocke

This is a collaboration with the visitor and NOAA on aircraft instrumentation. Instrumentation will need to be assembled, so Chris will need some make use of ACOM facilities for the build. Read more

Feb 2019
Yosuke Kimura University of Texas Austin Louisa Emmons

Yo is working with Christine Wiedinmyer on the development of Version 2 of FINN (Fire INventory from NCAR).  This work will improve our real-time chemical forecasts, which use fire emissions from FINN.  As well, FINN2 will be used in the...Read more

Feb 2019
Kelvin Bates Harvard Eric Apel

Kelvin will collaborate with ACOM  to simulate and incorporate oceanic emissions into the CAM-CAM and GEOS-chem models.Read more

Jan 2019 to Feb 2019
Kathryn Steinmann San Jose State University Laura Pan

Kathryn is a student at the SJSU working on her Masters Degree under the supervision of Dr. Minghui Diao. Her research project is to use the CONTRAST observations to evaluate MERRA-2 and ERAi reanalyses data. Her visit is to pursue...Read more

Jan 2019 to Apr 2019
Jerome Barre ECMWF David Edwards

Collaborate on the assimilation of MOPITT and MODIS satellite producers to investigate the emissions and transport of fire pollution from intense western USA wildfires. Explore the joint assimilation of carbon monoxide and aerosol optical depth to better understand the vertical...Read more

Jan 2019
Lizzy Asher NOAA Eric Apel

Lizzy will collect and analyze samples for the UWASS project. Read more

Jan 2019 to Dec 2019
Christine Smith-Johnsen University of Bergen Dan Marsh

Christine will use the NCAR Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) to study the effect of precipitating particles on the composition and dynamics of the middle and upper atmosphere. She will conduct numerical experiments to compare the effects on the...Read more

Jan 2019
Shira Joudan University of Toronto John Orlando

Shira is a graduate student in the lab of Scott Mabury of the University of Toronto.  We will collaboratively study aspects of the atmospheric lifetime and impact of an multiply-fluorinated chemical species used in industrial applications.  Information to be obtained...Read more

Dec 2018
Damian Murphy Australian Antarctic Division Anne Smith

Damian is collaborating with Anne Smith to understand gravity wave parameterizations in global models and to work towards developing a better parameterization. This is an ongoing collaboration with funding from the Australian Antarctic Division. The goal of the proposed 2018...Read more

Nov 2018 to Dec 2018
Summer Hardy Fairview Highschool Siyuan Wang She is considering a major in chemistry, but would like to experience real life applications. The goal of her intern project is: (1). to have some programming experience; (2). to learn some fundamentals about atmospheric chemistry and ozone pollution. She...Read more Nov 2018 to Jan 2019
Nicola Blake UC-Irvine Eric Apel

Nicola is collaborating with our group on a number of projects. One is on the FRAPPE oil and gas paper we are working on. Another is the NASA ATom project. The NASA ATom meeting is also that week and she...Read more

Nov 2018
Qinyi Li Spanish National Research Council Doug Kinnison

Qinyi Li will collaborate with Douglas Kinnison and other scientists in NCAR to further develop a global chemistry-climate model, CAM-Chem, to incorporate additional chlorine sources and chemistry. He will validate the revised CAM-Chem model by comparing the simulation with the...Read more

Nov 2018
Chris Lee University of Colorado Jim Hannigan Correlative measurements with ACOM FTIR. They wish to verify retrievals of tropospheric species they perform using a low spectral resolution instrument. They will require a few nice sunny days for a good comparison with their mobile/airborne instrument.Read more Nov 2018 to Dec 2018





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