MOPITT Multispectral CO Products Released

MOPITT satellite overpass on October 22, 2008.

The new Version 5 (“V5”) MOPITT (Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere) product for carbon monoxide (CO) is the first satellite product to exploit simultaneous near-infrared (NIR) and thermal-infrared (TIR) observations to enhance retrieval sensitivity in the lower troposphere. Since most major sources of tropospheric CO are found at or near the Earth's surface, this feature will improve air quality forecasts and studies of CO sources.

New ozonesonde climatology between 1995 and 2009

UTLS ozone in Western Europe

A new ozonesonde climatology for the period 1995-2009 was compiled for model evaluation and comparison to other observations [Tilmes et al., 2011]. This climatology allows evaluating the performance of ozone especially in the troposphere and lower stratosphere. Various models still show significant shortcomings to reproduce the structure and seasonality of ozone, one of the most important trace gases in the atmosphere.

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