Julia Lee-Taylor contributes to media coverage

ACOM scientist Julia Lee-Taylor assisted with media coverage of a recent ACOM scientific paper:

Title: “Estimation of Skin and Ocular Damage Avoided in the United States through Implementation of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer”
Authors: Sasha Madronich, Julia Lee-Taylor, Mark Wagner, Jessica Kyle, Zeyu Hu, and Robert Landolfi.
Journal: ACS Earth and Space Chemistry.

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The Ozone Layer, at UCAR Center for Science Education.

Images above the graph show a view of the South Pole in October over time including measurements taken in the past in 1971 and 2017 and model projections of ozone over the area for 2041 and 2065. The graph shows the average minimum ozone over Antarctica in October. Credit: NASA GSFC. Portrait of Julia Lee-Taylor.
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Montreal Protocol delivers vast health benefits




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