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Date and Time Speaker Location Title Recording
Coty Jen

Sulfuric acid-driven new particle formation in the atmosphere
Gabriela Adler Katz

Bridging the gap between academia and industry
Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz

Rain or shine – examining the competition between deposition and oxidation in the fate of atmospheric organics.
Emily Matthews

Observations of novel marine trace gases across the North Atlantic Ocean
Daniele Visioni

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering: understanding and reducing modeling uncertainties
Yang Li

Future wildfire and dust over the western US: What drives changes in fine particulate matter under 21st century climate change and land use?
Pieternel Levelt

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Air quality from space: indicator of human activity
Simone Tilmes

FL2-1022 or

Stratospheric aerosol Intervention and its potential effect on the stratospheric ozone layer
Lu Xu

FL2-1022 or

Oxidative Chemistry of Atmospheric Trace Species in the Anthropocene
Prasad Kasibhatla

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Heterogeneity in Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 by Respiratory Aerosols
Xiangrui Kong

Understanding the “Water-on” Surface Catalysis in the context of Atmospheric Chemistry
Stanislaw Cieslik

FL2-1022 or

Air-Vegetation Exchange, Micrometeorology, Stationarity
- Cathy Clerbaux & Sarah Safieddine

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Climate-related studies with the IASI satellite data
Alison Ming

Year to year variability in tropical lower stratospheric temperatures
- Noah Stanton

How Does Coupled Tropospheric Chemistry Affect Climate? An Investigation Using the Community Earth System Model Version 2
- Aman Gupta

Impact of Numerics on Stratospheric Transport: Insight from Theory, Idealized and Comprehensive Models
- Yunqian Zhu

FL2-1022 and

The Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on Stratospheric Chemistry and Aerosols
- Manvendra Dubey

Forcing by Fossil, Fire, Food & Forest Fluxes: How Field Observations Guide Climate Policy?
Justin Holmes & Stig Hellebust

RADICAL: Developing an Electronic Sensor for Detecting Atmospheric Radicals and Other Gases
- Martin Jucker

FL2-1022 and

All About Waves: Stratosphere-troposphere Coupling in the Southern Hemisphere