Ozone pollution along the Colorado Front Range

ACOM scientist Frank Flocke contributed to an article at the Colorado Sun discussing ozone pollution along the Front Range.

The nature of ozone problems in many urban areas is pretty much the same. The emissions from autos and local industries build up over the day. The sun and heat cook them and ozone levels reach their peak in the late afternoon.
When the sun goes down the ozone dissipates and the process, if conditions are right, starts again the next day.
Not so in Colorado.
“Sunshine and high pressure are the main ingredients as they are everywhere, but the Front Range has unique terrain and meteorology,” Flocke said.

Read more at the Colorado Sun (June 7, 2021).


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View of Denver Skyline from South Table Mountain. US Department of Energy - 28 September 2012, 08:06 AM. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:U.S._Department_of_Energy_-_Science_-_298_047_001_(27040059996).jpg