Rebecca Hornbrook discusses a new era of pollution due to wildfires

Particulate matter of 2.5 micron diameter, PM2.5, is "particularly dangerous for human health and emitted in really large quantities," Rebecca Hornbrook, an atmospheric chemist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, who flies in planes through smoke for her research, told AFP.

"Typically if you are downwind of a wildfire, that's the thing that's causing the majority of the darkening of the sky and the lack of visibility," she said, such as the shrouded skies seen in New York as a result of fires hundreds of miles away in Quebec earlier this year.

Read more at France 24; August 23, 2023.

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Wildfire smoke blankets east coast
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From Quebec to British Columbia to Hawaii, North America is facing an extraordinary wildfire season -- and regions both near and far have found themselves increasingly blighted by smoke exposure. (France 24)