WE-CAN Workshop 2019

Apr. 23 to Apr. 25, 2019

8:00 am – 5:00 pm MDT

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23-25 April 2019

NCAR's Center Green Campus

3090 Center Green Drive

Boulder, CO 80301


Workshop Objective

Understanding the chemistry in western wildfire smoke has major ramifications for air quality, nutrient cycles, weather, and climate. Burn conditions combined with the first day of processing are major drivers of the eventual air quality and climate significance of wildfire smoke.

Understanding all the processes requires the skillful interpretation of a wide suite of observations and the 2.5-3 day workshop at the NCAR will bring these collaborators together.  The workshop is to execute a coordinated analysis strategy for the large suite of observations of wildfire smoke that has been collected during the campaigns in summer 2018.

The workshop will enable improved interpretation of the large suite of measurements through coordination of measurement teams with modeling groups and other interdisciplinary expertise. We expect this workshop will also identify future priorities and successful strategies for smoke sampling over North America and elsewhere. 

The ultimate goal is to improve our fundamental understanding of the emissions of western U.S. wildfires and their chemical evolution in the atmosphere. 




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