NCAR/UCAR Climate Intervention Strategies (NCIS) Workshop 2019

Mar. 18, 2022

9:59 am MDT

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Workshop Dates: July 30-31st, 2019


Simone Tilmes at NCIS 2019

Simone Tilmes introduces the workshop.

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Location: UCAR Center Green CG-1 South Auditorium.

Project Team: Simone Tilmes (ACOM), Peter Lawrence (CGD), Roy Rasmussen (RAL), Wojciech Grabowski (MMM), Andreas Prein (MMM), Andrea Smith (COMET), Doug MacMartin (Cornell University), Deborah Lawrence (University of Virginia).

This workshop is the first of two workshops to be conducted as part of the NCAR/UCAR climate intervention strategy project, funded by the UCAR President's Strategic Initiative Fund. Please find more information here. This first workshop will include mostly NCAR and UCAR participants and will be an important first step toward reaching the main goals of the project. A second workshop will be held April 15-17, 2020, that will facilitate discussions between the university community, funding agencies, and stakeholders.

Main goals of this project:

  • Identify methods and tools for evaluating climate intervention strategies across labs, member universities and the national and international community.
  • Develop a creative web presence related to climate intervention strategies to inform universities, public, and stakeholders.


Questions to be addressed at the first workshop:

  • How can NCAR and UCAR best work together to identify benefits, risks, limitations and unintended consequences of different climate intervention approaches?
  • How can NCAR/UCAR best support the community to evaluate climate intervention strategies at the process level, as well as with impact studies?
  • How can NCAR/UCAR best provide outreach to inform the community, public and policy makers?


All interested NCAR and UCAR staff are invited to participate in this workshop. The workshop will start with plenary presentations to introduce proposed future climate response strategies, as well as relevant tools that could be particularly useful for evaluating different proposals. Breakout groups will then explore different topics in depth, followed by plenary cross-lab discussions.

Please review the agenda and identify your first and second choice for the breakout group you would like to attend. 

Plenary sessions will be webcast here:

Breakout groups:

  1. Land Management - CG1 Room 3150
  2. Stratospheric Aerosol Interventions - CG1 Room 2603
  3. Cloud Modification - CG 2 Room 3138
  4. Scenarios / Ethics / Impacts - CG 1 Room 2503

Participation is limited to NCAR/UCAR staff and some invited colleagues. Click to register for the NCIS 2019 workshop (Deadline for registration is July 23rd).



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