CCIS 2020 Webinar May 6 Scenarios

May. 6, 2020

9:00 – 11:00 am MDT

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IAMs, Mitigation, and Scenario Development for Combined Intervention Strategies: 9-11 AM MDT 6 May 2020

The description of this webinar is also available as a one-page flyer.


Dale Rothman

Dale S. Rothman is an Associate Professor at the Josef Korbel School for International Studies, University of Denver. His work focuses on long-term interactions between the environment and human development. His research focuses on the application of scenario analysis and other foresight tools to issues of sustainable development at multiple scales. He coordinated the scenario development for the fourth Global Environmental Outlook and helped develop the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways.


Massimo Tavoni

Massimo Tavoni is Professor of Climate Change Economics at Politecnico di Milano and director of the RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE). He has been a fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University, and post-doctoral fellow at Princeton University. His research is about climate change mitigation policies. He is a LA of the IPCC (5th and 6th assessment reports), co-directs the International Energy Workshop and was deputy editor for the journal ‘Climatic Change’. He has advised international institutions on climate change matters, including the OECD, the ADB, and the World Bank.




Ted Parson


Edward A. (Ted) Parson is Dan and Rae Emmett Professor of Environmental Law and Faculty, and Co-Director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA. He studies international environmental law and policy, the societal impacts and governance of disruptive technologies including geoengineering and artificial intelligence, and the political economy of regulation. He co-directs the AI Pulse program at UCLA Law, and organized the 2019 Summer Institute on AI and Society. He has served on multiple advisory committees, for the National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. Global Change Research Program, and other national and international bodies.





Christopher Trisos


Christopher Trisos directs the Climate Risk Lab at the African Climate and Development Initiative. The lab integrates data and methods from environmental and social sciences to help inform rapid, just and equitable responses to the climate crisis. He is CLA on the IPCC 6th Assessment Report, responsible for Chapter 9 of WG II, African Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center at University of Maryland, focusing on biodiversity and climate change. He earned a PhD in Zoology from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.


Recording of CCIS 2020 Webinar on May 6, 2020.

You may also download a recording of the webinar (the download button is available in upper right of page). An audio recording is available as well. Timing notes:

  • Webinar ground rules (0:00-2:55),
  • Teaser for 3rd CCIS webinar with Simone Tilmes (2:55-4:30),
  • Introductions and agenda by Doug MacMartin (4:30-6:00),
  • Dale Rothman: "General History of Futures Thinking and Scenarios" (6:00-27:40),
  • Massimo Tavoni: "Integrated modeling of SRM" (27:40-46:10) and Q&A (46:10 - 58:35),
  • Edward (Ted) Parson: "Geoengineering scenarios in climate assessment and policy debates – experience, insights, and prospects" (58:35 - 01:18:45),
  • Christopher Trisos: "Choose your own scenarios" (01:18:45 - 01:26:45),
  • Q & A (01:26:45 - 01:49:25)
  • Closing remarks (01:49:25 - end)


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