Of the various goals expressed in the SONEX White Paper, the following three emerged as the drivers in site selection and flight plans:

  1. Climatology of UT/LS NOx, O3, with other ozone precursors and tracers in the North Atlantic, including latitudinal gradients to include regions of high/low air traffic and high/low continental influence.
  2. At major staging locations, especially in eastern North America, perform flights to evaluate the NOx budget, using tracer correlations (H2O/N2O/CH4/NMHC/CO2) with NOx to identify surface sources, stratosphere sources and aircraft sources.
  3. To the extent practical (1-3 flights/site) perform dedicated flights with partner missions, including sampling in the same air mass to intercompare DC-8 with non-DC-8 instruments.
Long name: 
SASS Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide Experiment
October 6, 1997 to October 17, 1997
Atlantic Ocean




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