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Reasearch of Emissions, Air Quality, Climate, and Cooking Technologies In Northern Ghana
January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2017
Accra, Ghana

Research on Emissions, Air Quality, Climate, and Cooking Technologies in Northern Ghana

According to recent reports, nearly three billion people in the developing world cook food and heat their homes with open fires or cookstoves that are fueled by solid biofuels. The smoke exposure from these activities is estimated to lead to approximately four million premature deaths each year. The emissions from these processes also add significantly to global emissions of greenhouse gases, short-lived climate forcing agents, and air pollutants. However, emission estimates from these processes, and their atmospheric impacts, are still highly uncertain. Furthermore, stove technologies exist that enable reductions in the amount of fuel used for cooking, and in emissions. Yet, the extent to which these technologies will be utilized, change emissions, and impact health and atmospheric composition is unclear.




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