ACOM staff attend Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference

Several ACOM staff are at University of California-Davis during December 5-7 to attend the Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference 2018 including Louisa Emmons, Sasha Madronich, Camille Mouchel-Vallon, John Orlando, Becky Schwantes and Geoff Tyndall. Sasha is serving on the ACM Program Committee. Geoff is giving a talk on Thursday on ​​​​​​​Dependence of alkyl nitrate yields on structure for mid-sized alkanes. Louisa and Camille are giving talks on Friday on Impact of anthropogenic and natural emissions on air quality in Korea and GoAMAZON: Exploring the Impacts of a Metropolis on Amazonian Air with an Explicit Organic Chemistry Scheme, respectively. John and Becky are presenting posters on Steady State Continuous Flow Chamber for the Study of Atmospheric Hydrocarbon Oxidation Chemistry under Daytime and Nighttime Conditions – Chamber Characterization and First Results and Exploring the Importance of Horizontal Resolution versus Chemical Resolution in CESM/CAM-chem, respectively.

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