ACCORD Fire Data Analysis Workshop

Mar. 18, 2022

9:57 am MDT

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There is no charge for this workshop but for planning purposes we ask that you confirm your participation in the workshop by 15 June 2017 by registering.

The overall goals of this workshop will be to:

  • Discuss science questions associated with biomass burning
  • Learn about existing datasets that can be used for data mining and analysis
  • Train on tools and models for data analysis
  • Develop collaboration and networking opportunities with other scientists


The recent National Academies of Sciences report “The Future of Atmospheric Chemistry Research” provides the recommendation that “The National Science Foundation should encourage mining and integration of measurements and model results that can merge and exploit past datasets to provide insight into atmospheric processes, as we as guide planning of future studies.” This workshop follows this particular recommendation, with a focus on addressing science questions associated with biomass burning and the atmosphere.

There is tremendous research activity associated with understanding the emissions, chemistry and impacts from biomass burning. The next few years will include field campaigns such as WE-CAN, FIREX, FASMEE, and FIREChem.  In preparation of upcoming campaigns and in support of on-going scientific efforts, we are hosting a workshop to provide an opportunity to interact with other researchers studying biomass burning, identify past campaign datasets for analysis, and provide training on these datasets and tools to manage and analyze them.




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