MUSICA Tutorial 2020

Due to COVID19, we will not be able to hold the MUSICA Tutorial in person in June 2020. Please complete the Indication of Interest form (formerly labeled "Application") if you would like to receive updates about online materials and rescheduling of the tutorial. Please contact Louisa Emmons (emmons at if you have any questions.

For you to start becoming familiar with our new models MUSICA (Multi-Scale Infrastructure for Chemistry and Aerosols) and MICM (Model-Independent Chemistry Model) we will be posting tutorial materials below, as we develop them. These materials will provide an introduction to running MUSICA-V0 (CAM-chem-SE-RR with regionally refined grid over CONUS), and MusicBox, including chemical mechanism modification in MICM.

MUSICA is a new community modeling infrastructure which will become a computationally feasible global modeling framework that allows for the simulation of large-scale atmospheric phenomena, while still resolving chemistry at emission and exposure relevant scales (down to ~4 km within the next 5 years). MUSICA will eventually replace and extend the current separate community chemistry modeling efforts at NCAR (e.g. WACCM, CAM-Chem, WRF-Chem), paralleling other activities at NCAR to streamline and unify model development.

In the meantime you can:




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