Postdoctoral Education

Many of the postdocs that work in the UA group have been NCAR Advanced Study Program (ASP) postdoctoral fellows. The ASP postdoctoral program differs from most postdocs in its primary objective, which is to develop the careers of recent Ph.D. graduates. The program encourages independence and creativity while providing an environment in which fellows interact with and receive advice and lab resources from NCAR scientists.

The following is a list of recent postdocs that were members of the UA group:

NamePostdoc programPeriod at NCARPresent affiliation
 Mike LawlerUniv. of Eastern Finland and ACD postgraduate scientist2012-present 
Lisa KaserACD postgraduate scientist2013-2015 NCAR ASP postdoc
Roger SecoACD postgraduate scientist2013 UC Irvine
Jeong-Hoo ParkASP postdoc2013-2014National Institute of Environmental Research, Korea
Wenzheng Fangvisiting postdoctoral fellow, China2012-2013China
Lea HildebrandtNSF Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow2011-2012University of Texas, Austin
John OrtegaACD postgraduate scientist2010-2012NCAR
Paul WinklerASP postdoc and Erwin Schrödinger Fellow (Austria)2009-2012University of Vienna, Austria
Jun ZhaoACD postgraduate scientist2008-2011Sun Yat-sen University, China
Kelley BarsantiASP postdoc2006-2008Portland State University
Jeff RathboneACD postgraduate scientist2006-2008Brooks Automation, Inc.
Luciana RizzoASP postdoc2006-2008Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil
Andreas HeldGerman Research Foundation postdoc2006-2007Universität Bayreuth
Tim VanRekenASP postdoc2004-2006Washington State University
Katharine MooreASP postdoc2003-2004Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, State of California

Undergraduate and Graduate Education

Graduate student research and education in the UA group takes many forms. NCAR provides funds to support student visitors either as part of the NCAR Faculty Fellowship Program or the Graduate Student Visitor Program. The ASP Graduate Fellowship Program, which is currently no longer active, supported university Ph.D. thesis research projects that are collaboratively guided by a university faculty member and an NCAR scientist.

NameHost UniversityadvisorProgramPeriod at NCARProject
Teresa VoglUniversity of Bayreuth, GermanyAndreas HeldExternally funded visitor2014-2015Flow tube studies of secondary organic aerosol formation
Danielle DraperReed CollegeJuliane FryFaculty Fellowship 2012Atmospheric chemistry of Nitrate radical + biogenic volatile organic compouds
Meredith ClevelandUniv. of New HampshireRob GriffinFaculty FellowshipSummer 2008Formation and growth of biogenic aerosol
Mari TitcombeUniv. of MinnesotaPeter McMurryExternally funded visitor2007-2008Development of a chemical ionization mass spectrometer for nucleation studies.
Matthew DunnUniv. of ColoradoJose JimenezASP graduate fellow2003-2005Chemical and physical properties of atmospheric ultrafine particles
Sara LanceGeorgia Inst. of TechnologyAthanasios NenesASP graduate fellow2003-2006Understanding the effects of chemical composition on hygroscopicity and cloud condensation nuclei activity




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