WACCM Forecast Tools

ACOM scientists run WACCM (the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model) on a daily basis in order to generate atmospheric forecasts that include chemicals such as ozone and carbon monoxide from wildfires. Model results are available for researchers to analyze and use in their own research. WACCM forecasts extend out ten days into the future. To access these model results, we have provided five web applications:

  • Forecast: Pre-generated maps of chemical compounds, selected by altitude and domain.
  • Plot: Create your own custom plots of atmospheric chemicals.
  • Download: Direct download of NetCDF files, subsetting by lat-lon coordinates and dates.
  • Chemical Map: Chemical overlays on Google Maps, with the capability to click and plot.
  • ACOM Worldview: NASA based tool for visualizing global data overlays.


WACCM Chemical Map - September 20, 2018
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Forecasts of air quality are available online at ACOM web site




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