Fundamentals of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Modeling 2018

Dates: August 13-15, 2018

Location: National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

This NCAR ACOM-organized workshop introduces the fundamentals of atmospheric chemistry and aerosol modeling across different scales (box models, regional, and global models). Renowned atmospheric scientists from the university community and NCAR will teach the science behind atmospheric modeling, covering three main themes; transport, chemistry and aerosols. The workshop will include interactive exercises in smaller groups to promote a better understanding of how specific processes are represented in models. We are targeting up to 40 students, postdocs, early career professors and researchers with a general background in atmospheric chemistry, but not necessarily in modeling.

Tropospheric ozone from WACCM model output. PM 2.5 over India. PBL diurnal evolution.
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August 13-15, 2018




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