ATom-4 Field Campaign

From the San Jose Mercury News, 25 April 2018:

A suite of scientists are zig-zagging across the globe in a flying laboratory, a DC-8 research plane retrofitted to gulp the air we breathe.

Soaring from the Arctic to Antarctica on flights crammed with valves, funnels and testing equipment, scientists from NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View and other labs capture greenhouse gases and gather data about pollution in Earth’s atmosphere. The final leg of the four-part expedition of the Atmospheric Tomography Mission, also known as ATom, will take off from Palmdale [southern California] Friday. Their mission: Give scientists important information about changes in the composition of gases in the atmosphere.

ACOM scientists Samuel Hall, Lizzy Asher, Kirk Ullman, Eric Apel, Alan Hills, and Becky Hornbrook are taking part in the ATom-4 Field Campaign during April-May 2018. These research flights sample air over the world's oceans, where traditional land-based measurements of gases and pollutants cannot operate.

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NASA DC-8 research aircraft; ACOM scientists Eric Apel and Alan Hills on board with the TOGA instrument. Images by NASA.
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ACOM scientists zig-zag over the globe




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