Community in Situ Measurements

Group Head: Geoff Tyndall


John Ortega of ACOM on the C-130. Photo credit by Ezra Levin, CSU.Observational data are the foundation upon which our knowledge of atmospheric composition, trends and processes are based. These data also provide the drivers for continued improvement and development of Earth system models.

ACOM has a long heritage of making high quality measurements of atmospheric composition, in collaboration with members of the wider atmospheric chemistry community. Among the instruments housed and maintained within ACOM are a group of community-requestable instruments, including the HIAPER (High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research)/HAIS (HIAPER Airborne Instrumentation Solicitation) instrument suite and additional instruments that can be deployed on the NSF/NCAR C-130 or GV aircraft, or on the ground. Additional field instrumentation is maintained within ACOM and deployed in community field project settings, while both gas-phase and aerosol process studies are conducted in laboratory chambers. ACOM also houses a group of engineers, who are expert in instrument design, fabrication, maintenance and deployment.

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