Safety Messages


Smokers, please put your extinguished butts in the proper receptacles outside the building. Some have been using the trash can near the loading dock. This is a potential fire hazard and brings the smell into the building.

Evacuation / Fire Drill Procedures

When the alarm sounds, stop what you are doing, close your office or lab door, and proceed to the gathering point in the parking lot southwest of FL0. Members of the Admin Team will check with each group leader to determine if we have accounted for everyone.

To assist in accounting for all staff during drills and actual evacuations we request the following:

  • Use the buddy system in exiting, check on those near you.
  • Keep your supervisor, office mate or neighbor aware of your schedule when leaving for lunch or meetings.


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Supervisors of New Employees

All new employees need a safety orientation. This involves going over the safety aspects of working in FL0 including evacuation, location of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, dialing for help, etc. The procedure is for supervisors to meet with new employees, fill out a checklist form (attached) and return it to the safety representative. This should be done within a couple weeks of a new employee's start date. Supervisors, please do the orientation with any new employees under your supervision.

Download NESO Form (pdf)




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