Visiting ACOM with a Laptop or Mobile Device

May I bring my laptop computer or mobile device to ACOM?


We do allow personal or company laptop computers not owned or maintained by UCAR on our external wi-fi networks.  Such computer equipment may not be attached to the wired or wi-fi internal networks.  In most cases, you can connect to the wi-fi SSID "UCAR Visitor" which is UCAR's guest wi-fi network. 

Laptop computers which are attached to our wi-fi networks must have all security updates applied.  Windows PC's must run antivirus software and have antivirus updates applied. 

Devices owned by ACOM staff or Scientist Emeritus may be configured by ACOM system administrators for the external wi-fi network "eduroam" for 1 year.  Once configured, the device may connect to eduroam networks where offered at other educational and research institutions.


How do I attach to the wi-fi visitor's network?


Our wi-fi guest SSID is "UCAR Visitor".

Connect to this SSID and you should be prompted with a dialog box where you will enter your name, phone number, and email address.  Once you enter this information, you may close the dialog box.  If you go to your email, you may register for up to 90 days of access.  (limit of 2 devices).


Also see: 

And the UCAR documents:


May I print from my guest-connected laptop?


If you have a CIT login, we usually suggest using one of our public machines (in the open area FL0-2106) for printing.  We support a PC and a Macintosh connected to the UCAR wired network.  They have access to all of the lab's printers.  Laptops on the guest wi-fi network do not have direct access to ACOM's printers, but for those with Google (gmail) accounts, we do support "Google Cloud Print".


What if I need to attach to the UCAR network for my work?


For a Unix (terminal window) login, enter "ssh -Y" and authenticate with your UCAR-issued authenticator token (YubiKey or CRYPTOcard).  From you can enter the name of the machine into which you need to log in -- for example "".

For Windows or macOS, we can set you up with VPN software if you are a UCAR employee or Scientist Emeritus. 




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