Supporting Non-UCAR equipment

The UCAR internal network is for NCAR/UCAR owned and supported equipment.

As long as they do not present a security risk, non-UCAR equipment which may connect to our guest wireless network (SSID=UCAR) include:

Tablets and smart phones must be able to support the "heartbeat" method of connecting to the wireless guest network, or provide a solution compatible with UCAR's Cisco VPN service.  In most cases, we prefer that such devices use the carrier's cell/data service instead.  Cell coverage inside of the FL-0 laboratory is not guaranteed and is highly dependent on the device and the carrier.  We can offer limited help with configuration of email clients if they need to reach ACD's email servers. 

Laptops and Apple manufactured cell phones and iPads which are maintained by full-time ACD staff may be supported by using a wireless certificate.  Please see your Sysadmin.  Unfortunately we do not provide this service to visitors.

Other equipment such as workstations and servers may only be attached to our network with the approval of a Sysadmin, and if the equipment meets our hardware purchasing standards.  In such cases, the operating system on such computers must be replaced with an OS image installed by an ACD Sysadmin.  This process involves reformatting the disk.

In a few cases, laboratory equipment may be attached as-is, behind a firewall box, upon the approval and examination of a Sysadmin.  These boxes allow limited outbound connectivity, but disallow network access to the device.

If a non-UCAR system is determined to present a security risk, or is in violation of other UCAR or ACD policies and procedures, it must be disconnected from the UCAR network.

Any commercial software (Microsoft Office for instance) which is installed on such a system must be removed when the equipment is removed from the UCAR network.

In most cases, we strongly encourage you to speak with your Sysadmin regarding your needs while visiting ACD.  We would prefer to provide UCAR-owned equipment to meet your needs rather than support non-UCAR owned equipment if possible.




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