Staff Web Page and Web Applications Policy


ACOM staff web pages are currently provided on our web server "". They are intended to provide an area for staff to use for web development work, and for information relevant to their projects and career in ACOM. Other non-business uses of staff web pages are not allowed by UCAR policy.

In addition to UCAR policy, ACOM has these restrictions on staff web pages:

  • The URL for staff web pages may change. Be prepared to send out a new location if we move the web pages.
  • Scripts are allowed only after review by a Systems Administrator in ACOM.
  • Password authentication is allowed, but passwords defined by .htaccess files must be unique from any other passwords in use at UCAR.
  • Major projects should have their own web pages -- contact Carl Drews or send email to to have a project area set up for your project under ACOM's web pages.
  • Any web content, configuration, or technology which compromises network security or is not in accordance with UCAR security policies may be modified or removed at the discretion of a systems administrator.
  • Non public information may not be published on UCAR's web sites without requiring authentication.  Care must be taken that nonpublic information is not present.  Web content must be reviewed at least annually.
  • acomstaff pages are for UCAR employees and scientist emeritus.  Upon departure, an employee's acomstaff page will be removed.
  • Sensitive personal information may not be published on acomstaff pages and is considered non-public information.


Web applications

Web applications are usually dedicated web sites which provide a service to internal or external users.  For example, provides MOPITT data.

  • The ACOM web administrator is reponsible for the oversight of web applications and helps to ensure that web applications remain compliant with FISMA, UCAR standards, and other regulatory constraints.
  • Each web applications must have a designated web application manager.  The web application manager has primary responsible to:
    • Ensure the web applications remains compliant with FISMA, UCAR standards, and other regulatory constraints.
    • Ensure non-public information including sensitive personal information is not presented via the application
    • Oversees the health of the application
    • Reviews the web site monthly for the presence of non-public information




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