Providing ACD Computers for your visit

If you are bringing a laptop, see our document on bringing a laptop to use during your visit.  Non UCAR-owned equipment other than laptops, tablets, and smart phones, may not be connected to UCAR's networks.

If your visit is going to be for longer than a week, please get in touch with us to let us know your equipment needs -- send email to  With sufficient advanced notice, we can usually supply you with a PC computer on ACOM's network, installed with our image of Microsoft Windows and/or Scientific Linux.  

For visitors staying over a month, we will deploy a UCAR owned system and will encourage you to use that system for your work in ACOM.  

If you do not get in touch with us, we cannot guarantee that you will have a computer to use during your visit.

Visitor PCThe project (group)  which sponsors your visit may provide you with additional equipment, or equipment other than a PC -- we leave that up to the project.  If you are assigned a PC, it will be a Dell computer out of our inventory of visitor computers. 

The operating system which will be installed on your machine will be a currently supported version -- as of March 2016, that would be either Centos Linux 7 (64-bit), or Windows 10 (64-bit).

Unless provided by your sponsor, we do not provide laptop computers to loan to visitors or staff.

We do not back up data on visitor PC's.  At the end of your visit, the disk will be reformatted and any data stored on the disk will be erased.

To use visitor machines or ACOM servers during your visit, you must have a UCAS login.  Depending on what you need access to, you may also need a password token device such as a YubiKey.    At click on the link "Request a new Password" in order to have a new UCAS login and password assigned to you.   Any Sysadmin can also apply to have a password token device issued to you.

In most cases, we do allow you to install work-related software on the visitor machine assigned to you.  Such software must be maintained with any applicable security patches and must be legally acquired -- that is you must abide all of the terms of the license agreement of that software.  This software will be erased from the machine once your visit ends.  Any software that presents a security risk will be removed from the machine.

For questions, feel free to talk to a Sysadmin or email




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