ACOM maintains a population of network laser printers, dispersed in locations throughout our site.  At least one black and white laser printer exists on each floor, and at least one color laser printer exists at the site.

Networked printers, whether they are one of the divisional printers, or a printer owned by a group or individual, are given queues on ACOM's CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) server to which other computers on the ACOM network may send print jobs.

Personal Inkjet printers

  • UCAR owned Personal printers are allowed. They may be directly attached to a computer (via USB cable) or they may be networked.
  • ACOM provides inkjet cartridges for supported HP inkjet printers only. These include the following printer models (but check with your Primary Sysadmin for an updated list):
    • HP Officejet Pro 8100 series
  • If you own an older model printer, you must provide cartridges for it, or replace it with a printer for which ACOM provides cartridges.
  • Inkjet printers are more expensive per page than laser printers. Keep that in mind when making personal printer choices, or when choosing where to send output.

Project or Personal Laser Printers

  • UCAR owned Personal Laser Printers (and project printers) are allowed -- either black and white or color. ACOM will provide networked printer queues via the CUPS print server, but maintenance and consumables are the responsibility of the individual or project which owns the laser printer.  Because of the fine particulates produced by the printers, UCAR owned Personal laser printers must be installed in large open air spaces rather than in offices.

Color Laser Printers

"acomcolor2" is a queue which actually prints to 2 printers in FL0-2106. These printers are HP Color Laserjet CP4025 printers. Jobs that are sent to the acomcolor2 queue will alternate between the printers. The acomcolor2 print queue is a valuable resource for the division at large. It is only available for color output of UCAR-related material.

Color printers: Rules and Information

  1. The ACOM Systems group provides toner cartridges and other consumables for its lab-use color printers.   Under no circumstaces should materials other than plain white paper be fed through ACOM color printers.  Printer can be damaged beyond repair by the use of non-approved media.

  2. acomcolor2 and other color printers are for UCAR-use only. Use for non UCAR/NCAR business is not allowed, and such printouts should be made elsewhere. Examples of printing non-work-related materials include: advertisements for non-UCAR parties, Christmas letters, documentation for PC computer games, etc.
  3. acomcolor2 and other color printers are for use where color output is necessary. In some cases, color output is optional in which case, that output should be submitted to one of our black and white laser printers.
  4. Do not set your default printer to "acomcolor2" or one of our other color printers at any time.
  5. ACOM printers do not handle all types of output. We use filters to try to prevent most of the "thousand pages of trash" type conditions, but sometimes a job will make it to the printer that for some reason will get stuck in the queue, preventing other jobs from printing. There are no filters to prevent this from happening 100% of the time. If this happens, let the Systems Staff know so that the queues can be cleared and restarted.
  6. Color printers also exist for special purposes and on other floors:
  • acomcolorcs -- Color printer for the system administrators (FL0-2014)
  • admincolor2 -- Color printer for the director's office and admin group (FL0-2024)
  • acomcolor1 -- 1st floor color printer (FL0-1192)
  • acomcolor1sw -- 1st floor wide-format color printer (FL0-1044)

Secure Printing

Some of our printers offer a "secure printing" option for Windows 10 users.  This allows a confidential document to be held by the printer and then printed when you enter a PIN on the printer's LCD screen.  Printers that support secure printing include:

  • admincolor2 (FL0-2024):   This printer is for the director's office and admin group, but may be used for secure printing.  See your system administrator if you'd like to set up a queue for this purpose.
  • acomcolorcs (FL0-2014):   This is the IT group's printer, but may be used for secure printing.  See your system administrator if you'd like to set up a queue for this purpose.

Once a printer has been set up for secure printing, follow these steps when you print your document from Windows 10:

    • In the print dialog box select Properties and then Advanced... .
    • Ensure that the option "PIN-protected printing is set to On"
    • Enter a PIN: (e.g., "2222")

When you then print, your printout will be stored in the printer's memory.  Go to the printer and on the LCD select "Retrieve Document":

    • Printing a private job
      1. Press MENU to enter MENUS.
        RETRIEVE JOB is highlighted.
      2. Press  (check mark) to select RETRIEVE JOB.
      3. Press  (down arrow) to highlight the USER NAME.
      4. Press  (check mark) to select the USER NAME.
      5. Press  (down arrow) to highlight a JOB NAME.
      6. Press  (check mark) to select the JOB NAME.
        PRINT is highlighted.
      7. Press  (check mark) to select PRINT.
      8. Press  (down arrow) or  (up arrow) to select the first digit of the PIN.
      9. Press  (check mark) to select the digit. The number changes to an asterisk.
      10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 to enter the remaining three digits of the PIN.
      11. Press  (check mark) when finished entering the PIN.
      12. Press  (down arrow) or  (up arrow) to select the number of copies.
      13. Press  (check mark) to print

Macintosh secure printing is possible in limited numbers of cases (it's pretty difficult to set up).  If you need secure printing and you are a Macintosh user, see Tim Fredrick.




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