Power Failure Policy

Revised 5/13/2004

Power Failures and ACOM Servers

ACOM's Systems Staff maintains a group of Unix and Windows servers in room ML494. The list changes often, but for now we include:

  • acd.ucar.edu -- semi-exposed host, general purpose Unix computing for ACOM
  • mailserver1.acd.ucar.edu -- Part of the ACOM/ASP mail service cluster (mail.acd.ucar.edu)
  • mailserver2.acd.ucar.edu -- Part of the ACOM/ASP mail service cluster (mail.acd.ucar.edu)
  • mailserver3.acd.ucar.edu -- Part of the ACOM/ASP mail service cluster (mail.acd.ucar.edu)
  • mailserver4.acd.ucar.edu -- Part of the ACOM/ASP mail service cluster (mail.acd.ucar.edu)
  • mozartnas.acd.ucar.edu -- MOZART project network attached storage
  • carnivore.acd.ucar.edu -- sftp/scp staging platform
  • dns1.acd.ucar.edu -- DNS server, web server, DHCP server, print server
  • dns2.acd.ucar.edu -- DNS server, web server, DHCP server, print server
  • diskerver1.acd.ucar.edu -- NAS storage for the /pr1 filesystem
  • diskserver2.acd.ucar.edu -- NAS for Unix rsync backups
  • diskserver4.eos.ucar.edu -- NAS for Off-site Unix rsync backups
  • acdnt.acd.ucar.edu -- Z:\ drive storage (aka U:\ACOM) for Windows users
  • acdntpdc.acd.ucar.edu -- Antivirus server for ACOM, print server
  • yampa.acd.ucar.edu -- OT project server (Linux)
  • aspw2k.asp.ucar.edu -- Antivirus server for ASP, Z:\ home directory files for ASP.
  • net.asp.ucar.edu -- semi-exposed host, general purpose Unix computing for ASP
  • nas.asp.ucar.edu -- home directories for ASP
  • asp-dns1.asp.ucar.edu -- ASP DNS, DHCP server
  • asp-dns2.asp.ucar.edu -- ASP secondary DNS server


With the exception of certain project servers, most of the above machines are on UPS power.

There are times in which the Mesa Lab will have unreliable electrical power -- during a snow storm, for instances, which branches are bringing down power lines, and Public Service has to switch circuits. These times, while often weather related, will often occur when there has not been a decision to close NCAR (meaning that our staff is "on duty").

In most cases of frequent power interruption, we will shut down the non-UPS protected systems in the ACOM Computer Room (such as "yampa").

In certain cases, it may be necessary to shut down systems on UPS as well. Such cases may include very long-duration power outages, situations in which the air conditioner may not be up and able cool UPS-protected systems, and where we have been requested to conserve power by the public utility that provides us electricity.

UPS Systems and Desktop Computers

ACOM staff may purchase UPS systems for their desktop computers as a means of protecting against power interruptions. However, the option to purchase a UPS should be weighed against the importance of the machine since there are costs beyond the purchasing price of a UPS. In particular, UPS systems have an environmental cost in terms of wasted electrical power and eventual disposal. UPS systems are not necessary on all desktop computers, can cause problems of their own, and are discouraged except in situations such as a laboratory experiment, where a power interruption can incur a high cost.




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