Conference Room Data Projectors

ACOM owns 1 Epson projector in its conference room at FL0-1580. This projector handles an XGA (1024x768) display input and can be used for presentations and meetings where a screen image needs to be projected.  Most UCAR conference rooms also have projectors available for use.

Additionally, ACOM owns a 70-inch video display attached to a Chromebox in FL0-2108.  This display has VGA inputs for laptops in addition to an input fro the Chromebox.  The Chromebox can be used to present material from Google Drive, or it can be used for Hangouts (a camera and microphone are attached to the video display).  a page for the video display exists at

ACOM's conference room equipment is intended to be available to anyone who has a notebook PC or Macintosh but may not be removed from their designated conference room locations.

The Systems staff can assist in setting up the projector or video display -- we recommend providing advanced notice so that we can have your notebook computer and the projector set up ahead of time. While projectors are becoming more universal in terms of what equipment can attach to them, sometimes a particular notebook computer will create some complications. It's best to find that out before your presentation, well enough ahead of time that you can move to a different notebook computer, or we can help you resolve the problem.

Policies/Procedures for the use of the projector include:

  1. For projector setups for particular notebook PC computers, send email to our work request system at For us to work on the request, we will need access (including passwords) to your notebook computer.
  2. Please return the remote and any laser pointers to a visible location within the conference room to which they are assigned.
  3. Please do not disconnect or move any cables, peripherals, or devices in the room.
  4. The projector bulb is very hot. Turn off the projector by pressing power on the remote. Press the power button on the remote again to shut off the projector. It is not necessary to turn off the projector by reaching up to the projector -- once you have pressed the power button on the remote a second time, the projector will cool down on its own.
  5. The projector may go into a standby mode if powered on for an extended period of time. This is to allow it to cool. This process is necessary -- go ahead and give the projector a few minutes to cool down before turning it on again.
  6. The projector and video displays  are delicate and expensive pieces of equipment. Please handle them with care. Report any equipment malfunctions or problems to the systems staff.
  7. If you are responsible for setting up the projector in any of UCAR's conference rooms, we would like you to work with either the systems staff or UCAR Media Services the first time -- we can show you how to set up the projector for your particular application.




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