ACOM Web Policy

Web Servers

Any host within ACOM may run a web server. However, only web servers which are maintained and supported by UCAR system adminsitrators may provide web pages to the outside world.  Examples of such servers in ACOM include (for home pages) and (our divisional HTML web server).

ACOM does not maintain a Windows-based web server.

Staff Web Page

Staff currently have staff web pages available to them. These pages physically exist on in $HOME/public_html. See our Staff Web Page Policy.

Web Content

The divisional web site is designed to provide content to outside users such as students and teachers as well as content useful for division personnel. Carl Drews is currently the web administrator, and requests for modification or addition to this content should be made by sending email to, that is, to our work request system.


We may set up an internally-accessible wiki for use within ACOM. Such a wiki is made accessible either to just ACOM, or to the UCAR network at large depending on your needs. It cannot be made available to the outside except for those who are using VPN software. The intent is to provide a safe collaborative area for the exchange of information and documentation free of the burden of having to use HTML syntax or a web content editor.  

UCAR also provides a wiki solution for collaboration where some of the authors or readers may exist outside of the security perimeter. To get started, submit a work request to establish a wiki for your group or project using this link: . To look for other hosted wikis, see

Web Applications and Scripts

Web scripts such as CGI-scripts are allowed, but they are subject to review and must be secure, abiding by the UCAR Security Policies.




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