ACOM Web Policy

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Web Administrator

ACOM's web administrator has these roles in our lab:

  • Maintains public-facing web sites such as our lab page.
  • Oversees web applications (the primary management of which are designated web application managers)
  • Ensures web compliance with FISMA, UCAR policy, and other applicable standards.
  • Consults with scientists and staff regarding web-based solutions


Only web servers which are maintained and supported by ACOM's web administrator may provide web pages to the outside world. 


Staff Web Page

Staff currently have staff web pages available to them. These pages may be maintained on in the /acomstaff area.   See our Staff Web Page Policy.


Web Content

The divisional web site is designed to provide content to outside users such as students and teachers as well as content useful for division personnel. Carl Drews is currently the web administrator, and requests for modification or addition to this content should be made by sending email to, that is, to our work request system.



UCAR maintains its Confluence Wiki service.  To get set up on this service, see the ACOM web administrator.





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