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ACOM Policies and Information

These pages describe our policies, procedures, and advisories and also offer usage information for some of the resources we provide to ACOM staff and visitors.  These policies are occasionally updated.  UCAR policies regarding the use of computer and information resources also include ACOM and its equipment.

General ACOM Policies and Advisories

Quick list Administration Travel
Emergency Evacuation
Manuscript Guidelines (doc)
Open Access
New Hires & Reclassifications
UCAR Policies and Procedures
Appointments Review Group (ARG)
Travel Policy

ACOM Computing

Note: ACOM Computing policies are currently being realigned to meet FISMA standards as defined by NIST 800-53rev4. Please see your System Administrator if you have questions regarding FISMA and the following ACOM standards as well as any upcoming changes. A starting place for reading about UCAR's compliance policies including FISMA is:

Email & Web Security & Networking Shared Equipment Desktop Computing Standards Servers and Systems Admin
Personal Web Pages
Remote Access
Accounts & Passwords
Critical Updates
Dangerous Software
Antivirus Protection
Data Projectors
Acquiring Computers
Operating Systems
Legacy Systems
Responsible Sysadmins
After Hours Support
Power Failures




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