ACOM Email Settings


Google Mail is supplied for paid staff and V1 visitors.  Other staff receive email via personal or home institution mail servers. Training videos and other support information is at:

 Google Mail
UsersPaid Staff, Emeritus, Paid visitors with V1 status
Recommended method of Access:Firefox or Chrome browser:
Web Access (gmail)
IMAP clients supportedMozilla Thunderbird
iOS Mail
(some gmail features not available via IMAP - a browser
is the preferred method of access)
IMAP Server Settings

Server Type:  IMAP
Server Name:
Port: 993
User Name: (username with
Connection Security: SSL/TLS
Authentication Method: Normal Password

Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings

Description: Google mail
Server Name:
Port: 465
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication method: Normal Password
Username: (username with

Thunderbird Setup:


iOS Mail Setup: iOS Mail and Calendar Setup
Vacation Message Setup Google documentation on vacation responder
Dedicated Mail apps

iOS Gmail App

Android Gmail App

Other Notes

  • UCAR Google Apps Support Site
  • UCAR recommends using a browser for access to Google Mail.  IMAP will work but will not give you access to a large part of what's offered at
  • ACOM's official IMAP client is Mozilla Thunderbird.  You may use the settings above to configure other IMAP clients, but we do not offer support for those other clients.
  • The Macintosh Mail client has had a long history of IMAP issues and other usability issues with ACOM hosted email.  While some have gotten the Mail client to work with Google, it implements IMAP improperly and may be unstable. 






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