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Social media is a useful tool to promote ACOM science and scientific achievements as well as to talk about the important work you do.  ACOM's social media policy is generally defined by FISMA (see the UCAR FISMA page) and other regulatory compliance, by our need to maintain a safe culture and computing environment, and by a general desire to keep our communication positive and professional.  Before posting to social media about your work at NCAR, please visit the links below to ensure that you understand UCAR policy surrounding social media as well as how to communicate using social media in a secure manner.

ACOM has defined the role of social media coordinator (currently Carl Drews) who can post to ACOM's Twitter account (   In general we follow these guidelines regarding Twitter:

  • Send any post you'd like to see posted on @NCAR_ACOM to the ACOM social media coordinator.
  • The social media coordinator will review the content for non-public information and approve the post.
  • Posts containing public information will likely be approved as long as they relate to ACOM's scientific mission and aren't in violation of any other UCAR policies or regulations.
  • You may include @NCAR_ACOM in your personal tweets, and you may retweet posts from the @NCAR_ACOM account.  Please help us maintain a high level of professionalism when referring to @NCAR_ACOM.
  • Posts will be posted in the current business day.  For vacation, etc., the social media coordinator may delegate to one of the system administrators.
  • The IT team will manage complaints, inappropriate content, or other matters related to the @NCAR_ACOM account.  The continuation of @NCAR_ACOM depends on our communications remaining positive, professional, and relevant to our work.






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