American Meteorological Society honors ACOM scientists

Mary Barth was honored as an AMS Fellow for "outstanding contributions" to the atmospheric or related sciences over several years. Barth, an ACOM senior scientist, focuses on interactions between clouds and atmospheric chemistry. Her research, which draws on atmospheric measurements and computer models, sheds light on the effect of storms on gases and particles in the atmosphere that can affect weather and climate. (October 2016)

The American Meteorological Society also granted a special award to the Earth Science Women's Network. Co-founded by ACOM scientist Christine Wiedinmyer, the network is dedicated to career development, peer mentoring, and community building for women in the geosciences. The network, which has grown since its founding in 2002 to more than 2,900 members, won "for inspirational commitment to broadening the participation of women in the Earth sciences, providing a supportive environment for peer mentoring and professional development." (October 2016)

Mary Barth and Christine Wiedinmyer at ACOM/UCAR
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AMS awards recognize work of Mary Barth and Christine Wiedinmyer




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