Louisa Emmons - Group Lead - Expertise in global chemistry modeling with MOZART-4 and CESM/CAM-chem.  Co-chair of the CESM Chemistry Climate Working Group.
Jérôme Barré - Expertise in data assimilation using CAM-chem/DART and geo-stationary OSSEs.
David Edwards - ACOM Lab Director
Benjamin Gaubert - Expertise in data assimilation of MOPITT CO using CAM-chem/DART.
Arthur Mizzi - Expertise in numerical weather prediction and data assimilation, currently focused on assimilation of atmospheric composition retrievals with WRF-Chem and DART - a regional atmospheric chemical transport/ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation system. 
Gabriele Pfister - Expertise in chemical modeling, particularly the development of WRF-Chem and applying it in a variety of air quality studies.  Co-P.I. for the recent NCAR/NSF FRAPPE field campaign.
Pablo Saide - ASP post-doc - WRF-Chem-GSI-Aerosol assimilation
Helen Worden - Expertise in satellite remote sensing of ozone and carbon monoxide with the Aura/TES and Terra/MOPITT instruments. Deputy P.I. for CHRONOS, a proposed geostationary instrument to measure carbon monoxide and methane over North America.


Recent Highlights

Atmos News article about Jerome Barre's recent JGR paper.


Recent publications

Barre, J., and Coauthors, 2015: Assessing the impacts of assimilating IASI and MOPITT CO retrievals using CESM-CAM-chem and DARTJournal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 120, 10501-10529, doi:10.1002/2015JD023467. [OpenSky

Barre, Jerome, David Edwards, Helen Worden, Arlindo Da Silva, William Lahoz, 2015: On the feasibility of monitoring carbon monoxide in the lower troposphere from a constellation of Northern Hemisphere geostationary satellites. (Part 1)Atmospheric Environment10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.04.069. [OpenSky]





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