ACOM Scientists Promoted

Two ACOM scientists Louisa Emmons and Andrew Gettelman (joint with CGD) were approved for promotion to Senior Scientists by the UCAR Board of Trustees. This distinguished advancement comes after a rigorous evaluation by the NCAR Appointments Review Group (ARG) of the individual’s scientific accomplishments and international standing, community leadership and service.

Dr. Louisa Emmons is head of the Atmospheric Composition REmote Sensing and Prediction group of the Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling Laboratory.  Her research interests focus on the integration of measurements with models to investigate the impact of sources and their chemical evolution on tropospheric composition. This work includes the evaluation, and improvement, of models with observations, and the interpretation of observations with model results. Louisa has played a key role in the development of the NCAR community model MOZART (Model of OZone and Related Chemical Tracers).

Dr. Gettelman has been working on development of climate and chemistry models for the last ten years, and has been in the field of climate science for fifteen years. In addition to performing dedicated research developing atmospheric climate and chemistry models, he also lectures on climate issues to undergraduates and graduate students, mostly at the University of Colorado, Boulder and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. Dr Gettelman is involved in leading several different international projects on chemistry and climate modeling, and has been a contributing author to the modeling chapters of the World Meteorological Organization assessments of Ozone Depletion.





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